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The next update of Hyperspace Pinball is under development, and we're making good progress on the new "Boss Run" levels where it's all down to you and the big enemies!

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In the 1.3 release we'll be adding five "Boss Run" levels where you use your skills to destroy larger enemies. We'd like to share what we have now and get feedback for how to improve on it. Here's the video showing you all the boss run levels and their objectives:

Boss 1: Your goal is to destroy the center object by hitting it roughly five times. Around it are three rings of enemies to stop you. This is pretty similar to boss level 10 except for that if you totally destroy all the objects in a ring, the ring grows back.

I think it's ok...nothing to write home about. I can't think of anything I want to do to it.

Boss 2: This level emulates classic shooter arcade play; but with a pinball. The enemies spiral in and randomly shoot at the ball. Destroy them all to advance.

I enjoy this one, I see no need to change it.

Boss 3: Here we have a a giant centipede that only has one node you can hit at a time...but when you hit it, it blows up. This is really a skill level. However, what I can't explain is why when I clearly hit it in the trailer the first and second time, it didn't do anything. Aside from checking on that, I see nothing that needs changed.

Boss 4: This is really nothing more than a bunch of glowy, distracty objects reappearing in a predictable sequence. I really don't like this at all; I feel like since Boss 3 was a skill level, I want Boss 4 to be a lot more animated and interactive....moreso than the first three but less than boss 5. I'll probably redo it entirely but not sure with what.

Boss 5: This one is the crown jewel of the boss run -- The boss has a ball in play simultaneously and you race to 1000 points. It is controlled by reverse gravity. When it touches the top, it shoots after a yellow object. Battling with it is really kinda random; sometimes I got crushed, sometimes I crushed it. If you lose, then it's Game Over, no matter how many balls you have left. I think it rocks and have no plans to change it.

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