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Feed the hungry mob of tourists and profit! Hungry Mob is a light hearted mobile real time strategy game. Your goal is to trap visitors at various tourist destinations and shopping districts with delicious foods and snacks. Keep your customers full and satisfied before they get too hungry and leave. The longer they stay around, the more cash and points you earn. Level up your experience to unlock fancy foods and discover gifts as you battle through levels.

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Since the initial posting of Hungry Mob on IndieDB (video and images), I have been busy implementing new gameplay features. I will regularly post updates on the development of these new features in a news/blog format.

In Hungry Mob the core game is to build food and snack shops to feed the constantly getting hungrier tourists of your town to keep them satisfied, as well as building various "touristy" shops where your visitors can spend money. I'm currently focusing on the collection of features related to the restaurants.

Food / Snack Shops

  1. Ice Cream Shop
  2. Donut Shop
  3. Burger Shop


The player will be building these shops at various strategic locations of the level. Obviously, the levels of power to crush hunger differ depending on the foods. The initial ordering is such: burger is the most potent food, followed by donut, then ice cream. You will have opportunities to upgrade foods thus increasing their effectiveness.

Intelligent Food Vendors

The way vending is done is through food vendors standing in front or around the parameter of the shops to sell food to visitors, much like the minions of a tower in a tower defense game. The difference being these vendors have fairly advanced AI in movement and target selection. They will target the most hungry of the group and prioritize the upset visitors that are about to leave your town. Remember a well fed customer is a customer that will spend money in your town :)

Ice Cream Vendor

Shop Management

Shop management is an important aspect of the game. The shops should maintain a healthy amount of food inventory. Otherwise there would be nothing to sell, which would ultimately lead to tourists getting hungry and leaving your town. When waves of tourists come in and walk around, ensuring all shops are well stocked and attended can be a bit hectic.

Additionally, you have limited amount of cash available. This sum is constantly changing as you sell food, buy inventory, and build shops. The player has to decide where to build what types of shops so they can be most effective at reaching the most customers. Some times you will have to make the tough decision to liquidate some shops and build others. All these aspects add to the strategic play of the game.

This is an overview of the food shops in Hungry Mob. Thanks for reading so far! More news to come in the future. Please check back soon.

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