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Huge update coming soon, introducing inventory, and character customization! also, where the Heck have we been at this whole time???!??! Everything covered in this quick, yet informative news!

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Where Have We Been?

Well, let's cut straight to the chase, where the heck have we been? I mean, we did guarantee a daily update on our website and all that, oh well... there is a reason for it! we are still alive! And we are sorry about the delay!

For us right now, it's testing season... yea... we have that too... and this project is a "side-job" which we hope to turn into a full time job soon (we are planning a kickstarter, information at the bottom!) Anyways, we are going to be back FULL power and even better, on may 6th. Can't wait to get back to programming 24/7 :D. We didn't spend this whole time doing nothing though, we added stuff to the game here and there (artists were stuffed with work to do, so there isn't a graphics update yet, except for the background which constantly goes through changes.)

working inv

What did we add?

... you may ask... well, we added a new design (temporary) for the Inventory GUI (which looks much more attractive than green and red blocks on grey rectangle...) and made the inventory function-able with 3 tabs, one for clothing on equipment, one for potions and stuff you can interact/use, and one for monster/enemy drops. we added actual items in the game that can fill up these spots in the inventory and used, (for now only about 4 equipments, give or take, and they are designed by me, so quality is poop-quality.... don't expect anything better..)

We have 2 headbands (blue and red) and 2 Swords ("long" and "short" which btw are both short... Ihave no sense of proportion apparently and I didn't feel like fixing... mostly because it's just temporary and for testing.) these items can be equipped and now have names and descriptions (details about the equipment float above them once you hover over them)

Even though this all worked, it still didn't save the inventory. But don't you worry! I am actually working on this as I write this article and I believe I will finish by today!


Looking back I did add a lot (programming wise...) we also have a portal now to "teleport" or transport from one place to another, and three maps that circulate in a loop, and yea... just wait for the next update for more information! hopefully this weekend, and expect daily updates to start coming up on starting May 6th!

here is a quick video about the new updates:


We are planning on making a kickstarter in late May so expect that! for now, unjoy these new updates as they come along! BTW, all of you who have joined for the Closed Alpha Testing, you will receive your copy a few days before Kickstarter Launches


Want a free copy of this game? follow us on twitter and check out our websites and this page often (we recommend you press the "watch" button so you'll get updates as soon as we release them :D.) once we hit version 0.1.0.X ! (It's getting closer!)

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So if you and/or your friends are interested in obtaining a copy of this game make sure to

check out our website
and our twitter and facebook:

ExDeaDguY - - 26 comments

Do you really think this has a shot on kickstarter? :(

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Baruchadi Author
Baruchadi - - 2 comments

Probably not right now,but this is quite the early stage tbh.
The graphics arent final, and gameplay is being worked on, the kickstarter is scheduled for next month hopefully, thanks for the feedback tho :)
We are trying our best to create a 2D sidescroller rpg with unique elements to it. Not gonna look all that pretty in the beginning considering how much resources are needed for this kind of game. :p

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ExDeaDguY - - 26 comments

:P I'm a game dev, I know all to well how many resources are required lol. Honestly though.. you may wanna wait until almost 75% of game code is in place.. And then have kickstarter help with content. That is usually what people do and succeed with. :)

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Baruchadi Author
Baruchadi - - 2 comments

That's what we are shooting for code itself is already got all of its structure ready, next up is filling it in and adding graphics, thanks for the feedback tho! Honesly appreciate that somebody cared enough to post a comment :)
we are planning on releasing it in the beginning of june for kickstarter considering we will work on it full time starting may 6th

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ExDeaDguY - - 26 comments

Awesome! Well glad to hear its coming along good! Yeah aside from the gfx everything else looks solid. I Wish you the best of luck! :)

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