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Here is a bugfix v0.32b. This fixed a lot of problems.

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Good day, soldiers!

AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.32b

Here we have a hotfix here to release. There isn't anything new or renewed, and this is just to do a bugfix of v0.32.

v0.32b Patch (Client)

AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.32b Client (Patch)

v0.32b Server File

AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.32b Server file


1. Download v0.32b patch.
2. Execute the patch AFTER installing BF2, AIX2, and AIX2ExMM v0.32 (if you already installed these, then you can skip here and directly install the hotfix).

The patch fixed below:

- Fixed the problem with the support kit of USMC and UN
- Fixed the problem that the AIs disembark mobile artillery vehicles right after they board.
- Fixed the failure to set Texture Suffix to the map Gulf of Oman
- Fixed the glitched HUD of AI-1Z heli (without AAM)
- Fixed the problem that UN F-4 fighter's weapon selection and corresponding keys wasn't in the same order
- Fixed AH-64 heli's missile firing method as same as the method of AH-1Z
- Fixed the US flag (wrong one) in the map Daqing Oilfield to correct one (UN flag)
- Fixed the problem with the Humvee MLRS that the projectile(missile)'s firing angle was different from that of tracer (which designates the missile's point of impact before firing)

So the development team leader says that the next update would probably be in the spring season!
I don't know when exactly the next update is gonna come, but I'm looking forward to it just like you guys do!

See you in the next news & in the battlefield !

tekktekk & y-shin


oh nice - but who is the corespondend server update ?

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Nice update!

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