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Another hotfix, we'll probably release a beta build next time in advance so that some bugs can be sorted out earlier.

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Another hotfix, we'll probably release a beta build next time in advance so that some bugs can be sorted out earlier. Hopefully this is the last patch for the Harbor build as we want to get on to newer content. Also for the players that still didn't get the harbor crane mission, it's possible that too much time has passed that Higgins went ahead and built it.


Optimized the UI of sewing machine. If you want to revise any clothes, you'll need to take a higher level clothes than the current one with you in your inventory.
Fixed the bug that Pinky cannot be interacted with.
Fixed the bug that while in the prompt interface, any conversation will freeze the game.
Adjusted detection method of the dismount location.
Adjusted the favor points that can be gotten from sparring.
Fixed the bug that the spouse won't sleep in a level 4 house.
Restore the damage of bare hands while sparring.
Removed the feature that can dye furnitures while riding.
Fixed the bug that materials will go missing while in the recycling the machine.
Fixed the issue where if a player opens a machine when it's crafting items, opening the machine doesn't select the item.
Fixed the error with the ranking the yearly workshop competition.
Fixed the task display error in the mission of proposing to Ginger.
Fixed the bug where Emily fails to give a gift infront of the door.
Fixed the bug where the player will stand up on the mount when it falls.
Fixed the bug that the mount will follow the player into the fishing game even when the player asks the mount to stay.
Fixed the bug in the inspection mini game.



We have another hotfix for you! This will resolve bugs that may affect game progress, as we are currently working on version 8.0 of My Time At Portia. Here's a changelist:

As always, please head to the forums and continue to let us know if you experience any issues.


Added an interface that will show all the inspection spots if the inspection mini game is failed.
Ack will find the materials in storage boxes when the player asks for something to be cooked.
Added controller support for sewing machine.
Fixed the bug affecting ranking and reputation points.
Fixed the bug causing Pinky to show up in the house when the player starts their game.
Fixed the bug causing storage boxes to disappear for no reason.
Fixed the bug causing Phyllis to go to Dr. Xu's clinic after she has set up her own clinic.
Fixed the bug causing fuel to go missing when in the recycling machine.
Fixed the bug that helpers fail to refuel the generator.
Fixed the bug causing the player's mount to not follow them after sparring.

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