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Homeworld:@ released. Patch notes included.

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Another update. The details of what we've changed are outlined in the notes below, as well as listing the changes of the last few versions.

awesome screenshot, 12/07/2010

  • New techtree
  • Three new songs for survival
  • Improved frigate deaths, better performance and looks
  • New map, 6p Ring Madness
  • Fixed broken starting fleets
  • Adjusted jukebox behavior to reduce track length mistakes
  • Added faction prefix to ship display names
  • Reordered build lists
  • Buffed UNH Defender firepower
  • Nerfed minelaying
  • Nerfed resource controllers
  • Improved UNH mothership dock paths
  • Added UNH mothership resourcer docks
  • Further adjusted energy cannon hits
  • Cleaned up deathmatch options panel, 11/24/2010

  • Vaygr assault frigate firepower reduced from erroneously high levels
  • Build and research speeds increased in skirmish games
  • Skirmish unit caps reexamined
  • non-UNH units added to skirmish mode.
  • explosion effects fixed to work with more graphics cards
  • added map thumbnails, 11/20/2010

  • Switched over to new shipname scheme, HWAT_faction_CLASSshipname:
  • Factions currently include UNH (United Navy of Higaara), VAY (Vaygr), CNF (Taiidan Confederation), REP (Taiidan Republic), CZA (Czalkir), SIM (Simulator mode), NUT (not a unit), TRN (Turanic Raider), KAD (Protector of Kadesh)
  • Classes currently include DR (drone), FT (fighter), CT (corvette), FF (frigate), DD (destroyer), CA (cruiser), NC (noncombat), MS (mothership)
  • Added fully textured units VAY_FFAssault, CZ_DDStandard, CZ_FTTag, CNF_FFAssault, CNF_FFIon, TRN_FTInterceptor, REP_FTScout, UNH_CTHeavy, UNH_NCHarvester
  • Added placeholder or untextured models VAY_DDIon, VAY_FFIonArray, VAY_FTLight, UNH_CAStandard, UNH_CTIon, UNH_DDDrone, UNH_FTBomber, UNH_FTDefender, UNH_FFDrone, KAD_FFHunter
  • Improved or fully remade effects and sound effects for nearly every unit, impact, and weapon. Animated multilayer beam cannon textures.
  • Implemented Wave Combat gamemode, available in skirmish vs. cpu. Battle neverending waves of randomly generated and increasingly dangerous enemies on four different maps. This gamemode will play random pieces of music instead of looping the same track endlessly. Score reporting is available in [your homeworld 2 directory]/bin/Release under the filename "HWAT_SURVIVAL_SCORES.txt"
InvertedVantage - - 92 comments

Please tell me you're removing building subsystems, and re-adding simultaneous building and researching.
If you are I will finally buy HW2.

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EatThePath Author
EatThePath - - 115 comments

Subsystem construction is, baring awesome new ideas on ways to make it cool, out. simultaneous building has long been one of our biggest goals. There's no switch in the files to flip and get simulbuild back, but with enough work I'm quite certain it's possible. It's still just out of reach, but you can be sure we'll keep digging at the problem.

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