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We have launched the Exorcism update for HolyPurge. This is a free update to the game. Check out the giveaway on IndieDB. 30% OFF Sale on Now.

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We are excited to announce that Holy Purge's brand new map Exorcism is now available to play for FREE! The game is on Sale for 30% OFF! Click here HOLY PURGE

Check out the Exorcism Trailer.

Holy Purge's new map takes place in a modern-day house when a woman returns from a vacation abroad and gets ill. The parents try our modern doctors for help, but her mental condition continues to deteriorate. They decide to ask for the church's help. A nun is assigned to help the girl. She ends up requesting an immediate exorcism.

You and your team will need to cast out evil spirits lurking in the house in order to reveal the items required to perform the exorcism.

Use the Holy candles to locate angel messages within the house. These messages will help you locate the evil spirits location. Prepare your equipment and hunt it down. The resulting confrontation will cause the demon to completely possessed the girl's body temporarily in order to stop your progress.

When confronted with the evil spirit, use the video camera or holy water to weaken and banish the ghosts hiding the ritual items. FIND the items and use them to complete the exorcism and save the girl's life. If you fail your entire team will fall and become possessed.

Use the Celtic Cross to defend yourself against the Demon. Work together to make the task of finding items and succeeding much better. God Bless your efforts! Amen.

The woman will get progressively worst as more exorcism ritual items are found. This map is very tight and it's going to be easy to get caught by the spirits and the demons, so working together is your chance.

Looking to the Future

Finally, a huge thank you to our amazing community of players who have reviewed the game. We cannot continue this effort without your support.

If you have not made a review please do so now. We would like to continue creating new maps for Holy Purge, but we need your help to get the reviews up.

If we can reach 75 reviews, we will start working on a brand new map. [Already Planned]
Let's get the word out about this popular exorcist theme brought to you as a coop horror experience.

Thanks to everyone who has made a review and supported our work.

3 hours left for the IndieDB giveaway. Click here

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