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New Map Bible Camp Released!


We re happy to announce that Holy Purge Exorcist brand New Map Bible Camp is Now Available to play for FREE! Keep in mind there is only two dev's working on this, if you run into issues let us know. We will fix issues asap. This is by far the most ambitious game play design we have made so far. Hope you like it. Do let us know how we can make it 10x more scarier!

BIBLE CAMP MAP RELEASED PLAY NOW! Launch trailer incoming, teaser below...

BIBLE CAMP - NEW MAP DETAILSAs you may already know, the new map takes place in a remote bible camp lake cabin resort. A terrible incident occurred which left the place abandoned.

Players will get 2 New Priest Outfits inspired by Midnight Mass Series for FREE!

Players will have 2 new weapons to deal with the possessed and the demons just waiting to feast on your teams souls. The first weapon The Bible when summoned will temporarily exorcise the feral children who were lost and abandoned deep in the forest from the demonic spirits that possessed them.

The second weapon is The Orthodox Cross. This is a much more powerful weapon when compared to earlier crosses used. But requires patience with the lord to regain the lords favor. Be careful and wise to used such power, it may be the difference between life and death.

Once a feral child has been acquired, your team will need to take it to one of the spiritual ritual pulpits spread across the area. You will need to read sermons while the demons attempt to stop you. It will not be easy, may the lord be with you.

There are many types of demons in this map, ranging from ground runners, to Jumpers, and of course the Flying one. I suggest your teams prepare for this encounter , and fight off the reaper and werewolves in the village, and then exorcist the possessed demonic daughter before embarking on such a dangerous endeavor. Good luck and may god bless you all!

Currently we have 7 NEW ACHIEVEMENTS for Bible Camp! GO GET THEM!

All the difficulty levels are the same for bible camp. We will have an update by the weekend and it will makes the game terrifying on harder difficulty! I forbid your teams to be tempted to fight evil on these levels! Only the most experienced elite priests should try!



Bible Camp Release Date + Teaser Trailer

Bible Camp Release Date + Teaser Trailer


Bible Camp Release Date comes with a new Teaser Trailer, full blog, and screenshots.

Holy Purge Sale 30% OFF and Closed Beta Invite

Holy Purge Sale 30% OFF and Closed Beta Invite


30% off week-long sale and exorcise demons with your friends or sign up and play the new flying demon map.

Bible Camp Closed Beta

Bible Camp Closed Beta


Play the Bible Camp closed beta map, and new screens and sign up.

Bible Camp Beta Invitation

Bible Camp Beta Invitation


Sign up for the bible camp closed beta and new screenshots.

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