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More news about updates for Half-Life Redux and when the patch will be released and the Steam fix.

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Well progress has been good and I'm happy to say the patch will be released soon. The patch fixes any problem with steam and replaces the weapons and any models that were not changed (such as the ammo models). When the code my friend was working on (since I'm not a coder) was built using ther old half life source code from WON. Also the water shader was a problem since it would not apply to all forms of water in game.

Now I have found a way better engine (Made by Sysop) than mine that seems to work in steam just fine. It's the old build of Arrangemode (it's called Arrangement now). It features bloom and shadows like mine. But this also includes alot more. Such as 2 new weapons one being a medkit (just like in Sven Coop) that you can use to heal yourself when your low on health. The other weapon is a MP5. Its like the M16 but has a faster fireing rate and longer reloading speed. Also it has no m203 grenade.

The engine also includes particles, simple physics, wall puffs, detailed muzzleflashes, and weather effects. I already uploaded a video showing some of the engine here:

Anyways the patch is getting close to being released and I hope this release is way better than my first release. Thanks for reading.

NoobSaibot - - 316 comments


It's impressive, but BM:S is just around the corner.

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thatguyphilip - - 404 comments

bms is done for

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VulpineComplex - - 401 comments

So? Maybe not everyone owns HL2, or maybe, god forbid, some people enjoy the original game?

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Magic_Nipples Author
Magic_Nipples - - 1,325 comments

But the whole point of BMS is to bring the half life 1 story to source and put the source to it's limits.

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Tron619 - - 254 comments

go troll somewhere else

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Hedgepig23 - - 112 comments

where did you get those weapon mods from?

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Magic_Nipples Author
Magic_Nipples - - 1,325 comments

Well the original weapons are from Sven Coop (Give them credit). Now I edited the weapons origin, the textures, and on some weapons like the m16 edited the animations so they will work in half-life.

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PeterHat - - 731 comments

Like in sven coop you can heal anything using the medkid ?

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Magic_Nipples Author
Magic_Nipples - - 1,325 comments

no not everyone.

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DillonBarba - - 74 comments

that flashlight, oh my god that flashlight.

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briggswag - - 341 comments

Gordon the m16 is not a cat quit petting it

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