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ZAMNHL is changing for the better. Now set in City 17. And on Source.

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Half-Life: Zombies Ate My Neighbours is changing, for the better. You may notice that I may have changed the mod from a Half-Life mod to a Half-Life 2 mod. This is because I am skipping the first game and heading straight over to the sequel, currently codenamed ZAMNHL2. I have a good reason for this, and that is because the current game is a mess. Gold Source and Grey Source have their limits, and it isn't good for such a ambitious game such as this.

Now, don't get confused, because this won't be the same game as what I had originally planned. Since I'm skipping to the sequel, there will be a different storyline. The original plan was for there to be three games in the series. Half-Life: Zombies Ate My Neighbours would take place during the Black Mesa Incident and Zeke would attempt to escape to return to his home dimension using the experimental portal equipment which got him there in the first place. Then, the game I'm skipping to starts. It is set in City 17, and Zeke meets an ex-combine spy woman named Zay. They begin to develop a friendly relationship, until she gets kidnapped. Zeke needs to make use of every resource he can see to save her, including an old motorcycle provided by a friend of hers, Alyx. After this one there would be another sequel, so 3 ZAMNHL games. Now there will only be two. The website is yet to be updated.

So. What about the game I've been working on secretly since November 2019, and announced in February-March 2020? I don't know. The developer repository which was opened a few months ago, and available to only those inside Phoenix, will now be made PUBLIC. Everything, from all the original RMFs, music, textures, sounds and more are now available to EVERYONE. You can fork it, check out the RMFs and go wild. When we complete the new ZAMNHl and its sequel, we will probably revive the original Grey Source game, unless there's a fan remake; but I'm not sure yet.

Thanks for reading, and for understanding.



Sounds dope! Good luck!

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sabianmateinnit Author

Thank you!

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