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New stuff & shenanigans from the creator of Hive Quest!

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Hi Everyone!

Hive Quest is really taking shape to be a special mix of exploration, discovery, story telling, puzzle solving and real time strategy. Mixing all those elements together might sound a little crazy but the ultimate goal is to create a unique, memorable and pleasing experience.

To be perfectly honest, right now I'm feeling all bubbly about the direction things are going, so this time round I want to show you some recent developments in Hive Quest and how the world and characters are taking shape.

In the game's first level, 'The Old Orchard', there are many places to explore and characters to meet. One of these is the old hedge witch, Nora, who spends her days combing the hedgerows for strange creatures and faeries that she can capture and add to her grim collection.

Nora talking to something ugly

During game play, players will often find they are in direct competition with other insect hives for resources like the many varieties of food or sticky blue gloop (used for building & lots of other stuff). Along with caterpillars and maggots, we now have aphid colonies as a food resource with more variety on its way.

Blue frenemy Hive


Maggots got be here somewhere right?

There are lots of other things I'm working on, but that, as always, will have to wait until the next post which will hopefully be in a week or two. As a game dev my natural inclination is to just make da game, but getting the word out is equally important, so when new things have taken shape, I'll be back. Or you can follow me on twitter for more regular teeny stuff. For now I'll leave you with a relaxing shot of the Old Orchard.


(You are relaxed, right? Even just a little bit?)

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