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There are staff positions that need filling, please read for full details.

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For a mod to progress to completion, it needs a full team able to perform all tasks needed.

Currently Condition Red does not have this team, we are a few people short.

Our Skinner (RabidEdx532) is only a part-time one, and is unable to perform his role fully.

So, we are appealing to the modding community for help.

We really need a full time skinner to work on the mod.
Realisticly, they need to be able to UV map and texture at an intermediate level or better.

Optimumly, a pair of skinners would be better.
The workload could then be split between all 3 of the skinners, each taking a faction (allies, soviets & civilian).

Finally, we are in need of someone who can model and animate infantry units.

This will allow us to replace the place holders we have at the moment.

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