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Playtest of the Early Access release candidate. Highlights from the session. The Early Access on Steam is set to November 14th, 2018.

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During the test of the release candidate build for the upcoming Early Access release on Steam this coming Wednesday the 14th. We recorded the session and we would like to share some highlights from it.

The movie is very biased towards the Archer class, that is due to that we are currently testing a new weapon. When choosing the clips from a very long recording, we tried to select scenes that show the intensity of the game and the fast tempo.

There is always that third factor of the infected around, you can never be sure what lurks behind you, or around the next corner. Even though the game is designed to be played with 8 vs 8 humans, there is also about 20-30 infected running around at all times. So if 8 enemies seems low, it sure does not feel so. Even the simplest task of getting from your spawn to the objective, most often means that you need to take care of 3-5 infected on the way there.

We hope you will enjoy the highlights and that we will see you on the battlefield on Wednesday the 14th when we set sails on Steam with the Early Access release.

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