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First release of my models pack, also patreon, feedback and other things.

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Some days ago i have seen my textures at this cool video at 29:00.

Some of my old textures used at q2xp, such as blaster, grenade launcher and others. Now we are testing new weapons at q2xp and i decided to publish one good-looking model - blaster. After few hours check addon section - blaster for Berserker@quake2 and kmquake will be waiting.

Format of model is md3, is you are using different port - write to me, your feedback will help me. Most of time im using berserker and q2xp, maybe you are using different port and i dont know about this. Your videos and screenshots will be great.

Also, if someone wants to support me - check paypal and patreon. I'm planning release at winter, but if someone interested at early access to finished models - you know what to do. After polishing theese models i wanted to make enemy models, maybe, multiplayer characters for solid deathmatch, at this point patreon can help me.


p.s. this image is bug secret - tests of my models at q2xp engine. pbr textures looks really great.

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