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What have been going on this last months and how its going to look like in the future!

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Right, update time!

Things have been going bad! Really bad. My computer failed completely for about a month or more. And I was really lucky to manage to recover some files.

I managed to recover the mod and the source files for it. Although, it's about 2 months old. And lots and lots of work has been lost! However, luckily the .vmf map files are the latest ones. That means that the maps are up to date, but not the rest of the mod. Might be hard to understand. But its kinda like 50% up to date.

But in any way, lots of time have been wasted. So I really need to get back to work! I'll try to keep you guys more informed! Please follow my twitter to get updated whenever something exciting comes up!

Oh and I hope people still follows this mod. It's been in development way to long right now. Hopefully it will be worth it!

Dex_Gallas - - 8 comments

Will still got your back bro.
Yeah, PC's can sometimes troll us hard. (Wasn't easy when my 1tb hdd crashed).

If you need anything, don't be a stranger (even if you technically are :P ), holla at me.

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Chompster - - 4,310 comments

oh phew.. its still alive. really weird how so many peoples PC's are failing, you're like the 8th person(excluding myself..) i know thats having problems.

thanks for the update, cant wait to start seeing more of your work :)

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Jack5500 - - 178 comments

Always there bro, always there.
We will always support you.

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yohoat9 - - 269 comments

So how far along is the mod then?

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TheMarshmallowBear - - 260 comments

How funny, I was just asking omnicoder about this mod, good to know it's still being worked on :)

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Diamond00744 - - 171 comments


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fadi.naoum. - - 746 comments

Try Data recovery software. This one is good and free. But the longer you wait the harder it is to recover the files.
Yeah you got my full support BTW. Truly the best Portal story mod, the best mapping and the best ideas! :D I am looking foreword to Episode 2 of this mod.

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TrashCan-Man23 - - 683 comments

Damn dude, sorry to hear that. Great to hear you're still working on it and haven't given up. Keep up the great work, man!

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wintersmith - - 2 comments

Keep trying man, we'll be looking forward to this releasing if we have to wait 'til doomsday and beyond!

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Mirellanmal - - 303 comments

RIP the work ;_;

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SlumpVirus - - 1 comments

I know what that's like. I was creating an adventure game when I was 15 that was about 1/4 through completion. Unlike you, I abandoned it.

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insanamon - - 5 comments

I got your back! [insanamon goes happy face]

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MODSTERMD90 - - 190 comments

How about a another update?

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rainbowdash_dashie - - 1 comments

well i can't say i'll be checking as often as i have been but i'll still check from time to time never lose hope

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