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If you're wondering what this thing is, who is doing it, and when is the release, here's everything you need to know.

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It's the 1920s. You wake up in a mysterious underground facility somewhere in Alaska and discover there's so much wrong with this place. You also seem to go through a metamorphosis of sorts...

Hey there! I'm MichaƂ, the maker of this thing. I've never done any game design work or published any mod, but I was having fun with Doom Builder and I had this crazy observation that post-it notes look like blank Doom textures. So I started drawing on post-its and scanning them, and that's how the idea for this game was born.

Or, at least that's the general idea. There were two other major inspirations. One was H.P. Lovecraft with whom I fell in love recently. The other were movies that shared a very similar prop: diary of a madman full of insane scribblings. I thought it would be fun to present the entire world this way.

This project gained some traction on Doom Repository on Facebook, and I was contacted with many much more talented people who offered their help. This thing is quite personal for me, but I gladly teamed up with the composer Trystan Jongejan and sound designer Beni Harper. For two reasons. One, I know nothing about sound and music, and two, they understand this idea, and inspired me in many ways. I also got invaluable help from Scile from /r/DoomModDevs, who helps me with scripting, since this is completely new to me.

The game runs on GZDoom. It's an IWAD with every asset being original. Visuals 100% made on post-its, including the font, which is also scanned from my hand writing. The pacing is slow, with combat being minimal. It's more about exploring and talking with people, although navigation also requires skill, and there will be monsters to fight.

I'd say the game is 15-20% complete at the moment. I expect to release it near the end of 2021.

If you'd like to follow frequent updates, please join my Facebook page, where everything has started.

Thanks for reading so far. This is all about having fun, nothing more. I don't want to overpromise, I'm a total newbie with an idea. Let's see what happens.

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