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Good news everyone! After a quiet spell Operation Market Garden has had a good seeing to! Details inside...

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Hey guys,

First, apologies for the hiatus - with COH2 beta in full swing I figured I'd take another look at things over here to keep them ticking over. Expect more patches over the coming weeks! Hopefully we'll have something to show you guys regarding COH2 soon aswell, rest assured the cogs are turning!

here's the lowdown:

Stat changes:
- RCA mortar upgrade down to +1 pop from +2 pop
- Comet area of effect distance and damage multipliers changed to 76 Sherman levels
- Infantry HT -1 pop

Price changes:
- Pershing HVAP upgrade is now a free exchangeable upgrade
- Infantry HT -20 MP
- LATHT -20 MP

Bug fixes:
- Airborne MG can now purchase AP rounds

Additional suggestions are appreciated! Also, any feedback from players using the steamworks version of COH will help.

Have at it gents!

For more info and updates on progress check out OMGmod at!

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