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Today we will reveal the heroic age Aztec minor Gods!

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Heroic age Aztec gods!

Hello Folks!

Our last post depicted general features, units, and buildings that will become available to the Aztecs in the third age. Now, before uploading the third age gameplay video we want to show the Aztec minor gods that will be available to the player in order to reach the Heroic age.

Just note that god powers are not enabled in the current game version, those will be worked at the very end, and so for now you will only see the current god power ideas that we plan them to have. The gods’ art shown is not the final version, we don’t have our own art ready for any of the 3rd Age minor gods, and so the displayed art is just for reference but will be ultimately changed once we get one of our own.


marker Mayahuel

Mayahuel is one of several goddesses, who protect and support earth and fertility in its different guises, being especially revered as the goddess of the Maguey plant and of Pulque (an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the maguey). In-game, Mayahuel’s improvements will strengthen your heroes; she is available to worshipers of Quetzalcoatl and Huitzilopochtli.

God Power:

Centzon Totochtin Drunken Gods: The drunken gods get a group of enemy units drunk reducing their combat skills.

Myth Unit:

Amoxoaque Amoxoaque: A living tree that can turn human units into small trees.

Population cost: 4 / Hack damage: 18 / Crush damage: 8 / Hack armor: 40% / Pierce armor: 50%

Age: III / Cost: 200 gold 18 favor / HP:390 / Speed:4.00 / Trained: Temple

Amoxoaque in game:



Pulque Pulque: Mayahuel’s sacred drink increases the hitpoints of all priests and makes warrior priests creat Xoloitzcuintle, Tzompantli and Temple faster.

Healing Properties Healing properties: Mayahuel teaches your warrior priests of the medicinal properties of maguey, increasing their healing rate and range.

Maguey Thorns Maguey thorns: Mayahuel’s thorns of maguey increase hero attack.

Wild Diet Wild diet: Mayahuel teaches human units to live off the wild, causing them to very slowly regenerate.




marker Mictlantecuhtli

God of death and lord of Mictlan. As the god of death and the underworld, Mictlantecuhtli was naturally feared because all souls would eventually meet him face to face. His improvements aid your mythology; he is available through worshipping Huitzilopochtli and Tezcatlipoca.

God Power:

Deaths awake Death's awakening: Mictlantecuhtli resurrects fallen warriors and sends them back to fight.

Myth Units:

Tzitzimitl Tzitzimimitl: A fast demon-deity that can eat human units.

Population cost: 5 / Hack damage: 20 / Crush damage: 15 / Hack armor: 60% / Pierce armor: 50%

Age: III / Cost: 300 gold 27 favor / HP: 600 / Speed: 5.90 /Trained: Temple

Tzitzimime in-game:


Itzpapalotl Itzpapalotl: A flying butterfly demon-deity that attacks at range.

Population cost: 4 / Pierce damage: 17 / Crush damage: 6 / Hack armor: 20% / Pierce armor: 25%

Age: III / Cost: 225 wood 25 favor / HP: 400 / Speed: 3.80 / Trained: Temple

Itzpapalotl in-game:



death festivities Festivities of the death: Mictlantecuhtli’s celebrations will produce a small refund for slain human units.

Huey Tzompantli Huey tzompantli: Mictlantecuhtli grants Tzomapntli a faster favor trickle, more hitpoints, and increased effectiveness to its frighten aura.

Monstrous wrath Monstrous wrath: Mictlantecuhtli makes non-titan myth units do more damage to human units.

Xipe Totec

marker Xipe Totec

God of war, spring, nature regeneration, and red Tezcatlipoca. His improvements benefit your noble warriors; Xipe Totec is available to worshippers of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca.

God Power:

Epidemic Epidemic: infects a group of units with a deadly disease that reduces their health.

Myth Units:

Quinametzin Quinametzin: a stone-throwing giant that can build some military buildings.

Population cost: 5 / Hack damage: 24 / Crush damage: 10 / Hack armor: 40% / Pierce armor: 50%

Age: III / Cost: 250 wood 25 favor / HP: 1000 / Speed: 3.40 /Trained: Temple

Quinametzin in-game:


Xochitonal Xochitonal: an aquatic lizard iguana that is good at sinking ships.

Population cost: 4 / Hack damage: 20 / Crush damage: 5 / Hack armor: 40% / Pierce armor: 40%

Age: III / Cost: 200 Gold 18 favor / HP: 500 / Speed: 6.00 /Trained: Dock

Xochitonal in game:



Anahuayo Anahuayo: Xipe Totec increases the pierce armor of Aztec unique units and noble warriors.

Gladiatorial Gladiatorial sacrifices: Xipe Totec increases the hitpoints of noble quarters and causes them to train units faster.

Flayed skin Flayed skin: Xipe Totec gives his skinned skin to your priests giving them a terror effect.

Cinteteo Cinteteo: Xipe Totec and the four maize gods cause farmers to generate a small trickle of gold while gathering.

marker What's next?

That's all for today's update, our next update will be video gameplay featuring the heroic age, it is completely finished, however, we won’t give an estimated date because we don’t want to disappoint anyone.

If you like our work please consider following us on Instagram and supporting us on Patreon. We are also currently recruiting modelers and animators to join our team, if you have knowledge and experience in those areas and are interested in joining, please contact us at:

So just stay tuned until our next update.


~The Return of the Gods Team

instagram @rotg.aom


Fantastic work as always! 😸

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Bro, these monsters are sick! Not only do they look horrific in all of the best ways possible, but I love how close to the vanilla aesthetic they are.

Fantastic work!

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ABI3 Author

Thanks! we've strived a lot to make things look as ensemble studios would've made them!

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Always enjoy updates on this mod, particularly as I don't know much about Aztec Mythology.

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