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The epic turn-based, dungeon-crawing, town building RPG Heroes of a Broken Land is now released! A year in the making Heroes of a Broken Land has reached version 1.0. Fully procedurally generated, each time you play you get a unique world to explore, filled with treasure and dungeons!

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Version 1.0 is now out, with the following changes from Beta 7.9:

  • Make weapons mastery skill descriptions clearer
  • Stun prevents counter attack
  • Status (bless, stun, etc) durations now shown on mouse hover
  • Spelling and typo fixes
  • Treasure (gold & crystal) rate added to custom difficulty settings
  • Tweak world generation to ensure main town is always near land
  • Fix healing potion heal amounts (vial ~20, potion ~50, elixer ~120)
  • Fix magic potion heal amounts (vial ~15, potion ~35, elixer ~100)
  • Max OSX auto patching added (will take effect in future updates)
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Nice !

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Strand - - 43 comments

After approximately eight hours with the game yesterday, I am tempted to say that this is the best new title I've played in the last year, maybe longer. If it had been released in 2013, it would have been in my GOTY short-list. We'll see how the remainder of this year pans out--aside from a few games I've kickstarted/alpha-funded which may or may not be excellent (Chasm, Catacomb Kids, Magicite, Project Zomboid), I'll be surprised if anything topples it.

I've caught two spelling errors, and found that it's possible to rename a party memebr NULL and then not be able to ever get the rename dialog to work for that character again. Should I post these in the technical forums, or is there a more suitable place you'd prefer reports like these?

Thanks for making one of my new favorite games!

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WingedPixel Author
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If you find any bugs you can email or post on

I do check the Desura comments, but I don't get emails or anything when people post so it's easy to miss

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Looks like a great game. Sure I will have to pick this one up.

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