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One step closer to the full game! This release includes an updated UI and new, more-detailed dungeon art. Plus a bunch of game-balancing changes and bug fixes. Also an improved auto-patching system should make updates faster and pain free.

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Beta 6.0

Heroes of a Broken Land is inching closer and closer to the final version. Beta 6 brings new art and a much prettier UI. Lots of balancing and little fixes can be found throughout the game. Plus, Beta 7 is already underway, with a suprise feature!

Update Dungeon Art

Higher resolution textures retain the retro look, but remove the blockiness of previous Betas. This helps the UI match the dungeon crawling, plus just makes the game that much better looking!

Beta 6 UpdatesBeta 6 Updates

Updated UI

The new UI has a detailed background, removing that flat gray look of previous Betas.

Beta 6 UpdatesBeta 6 Updates

Full list of changes:

  • Dungeon texture update - most dungeon textures have been updated to better match UI resolution
  • UI graphics updated
  • Added quit button
  • Added some new events to make waiting too long a poor strategy
  • Prices adjusted (mostly up) for skills in world trainers
  • Forge graphics updated
  • Fix scroll bar behaviour, should be better behaved
  • Various typos and formatting issues fixed
  • Tweaked difficulty of higher level monsters (a bit harder now at higher levels)
  • [Demo Only] - display demo info and fix XP loss when max level reached
  • [Windows Only] Patching is automated, no more manually unzipping
  • Updated bug auto-reporting to supply some world info
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