Post news RSS Heroes of a Broken Land Beta 5.0 is out!

Lots of updates: more quests and events, plus some often requested features: mini maps, auto-attack, custom portraits and keyboard customizations

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Full list of changes in Beta 5.0:

  • Fixed a bug where multi-floor dungeons could change on reload
  • Auto-attack toggle added, automatic melee attacks for easy encounters
  • Added basic mini-map feature to the world
  • World monster made more dangerous, damage is % of total gold, monsters are more agressive
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now user-configurable
  • You can now select your party by keyboard (1, 2, 3, etc)
  • Added basic Dungeon generating events - random dungeon creation w/reward
  • Fix potential crash with certain events on Tiny sized worlds,
  • Tiny worlds are a little bit bigger
  • Multiple rescue quests added
  • Treasure hunt quests added
  • Artifact quest added
  • Custom portraits
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