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So many changes, but still very few progress. We are working on that, but until things are done, there'll be no official releases. Until then, we have some good news for you and a new way to help us!

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Well, the summary says it all, so I'll be objective:

  1. We have made some progress with bug fixing but we have no ETA for a new release. Progress is slow but relatively steady.
  2. We are streaming on Twitch some matches (our mod or others, anyway we are producing content). If you want to check us on Twitch, here is our link.
  3. We need your help! We need anyone that can help us. From modelers to coders to dubbers. Yes, dubbers! We are planning a new intro (more The Clone Wars styled) and always are in need of new voices for our current units!
  4. We have been planning to create a training program for beginners, but we need some experience modders to help out.

That's all I've got for you today. Hopefully we'll get more things done for a September release!

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