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Hi everyone! I need your help to make new cool textures for the models!

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Hi everyone! I need your help! I have a lot of cool ships models, that I can put in the game, but I have not a lot of time to make textures for them. I want to post my mod in the end of this month, but I want to add not only 2 new playable races, but 3! That it is why I need texturemakers. I work on my mod alone, but thanks for a lot of people, such as Geroenimo, MightyMoose, Atarisulfur, ImperorNiko, Clonetrooper163, Nkorn, Spinobreaker, Nomada, Yoden, Megabalta, Captain_Kavok, Corey, Imperial, Doci fot their tutorials and mod advices. If you can help me, please pm me.

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