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A new feature has been added to Eastern Front site, the Donate section.

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Hello EF fans,

Eastern Front needs your help to pay it's hosting bill, every dime you can donate counts. The process of the donation is handled 100% automatically by PayPal and us. Within a few seconds your rewards should have been received.

As a donator you will receive the following things, if you donate a minimum amount money required for each of them (stated in brackets). For example, donating 5$ will give you everything that requires 5$ or less.

  • Your name in the list below of donators. ($1+)
  • Access to the Donators Forum - Things are posted here extra early. For example access to Patch Changelogs earlier then the rest of the community. ($5+)
  • 's Badge - Have a fancy badge under your name in the forum, everyone will know that you are a donator! ($5+)
  • Pre-load Ostheer Patch - Offer only valid for a limited time. ($5+)
  • Guaranteed Access to Ostheer Beta - Offer only valid for a limited time. ($15+)

For more information and to see the Donator's list you can go to Donate section of the Eastern Front community.

Sam1209 - - 414 comments

I like the rewards. You should throw in an exclusive Ostheer heavy tank for donators over $35 or so. That will rack the money in :)

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TehBoss88 - - 361 comments

Nah, $35 is a little too much, $10 would be a little more reasonable.

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Rizz@EasternFront - - 201 comments

We don't want to give any actual gameplay advantages for those that donate over those that does not. However getting things earlier we find acceptable.

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GriffinZ - - 4,719 comments

Maybe give donators a visual different knight cross holder squad that have the same visuals and voice of ostheer <-- "Eastern Front veterans"

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Xantor - - 43 comments

Is there any option of donate with bank transfer?

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AirborneSn1p3r - - 3,137 comments

why not just use linkbucks or something

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Rizz@EasternFront - - 201 comments

Linkbucks is like googleAds right?

Me and William agreed before that we wouldn't add any ads to the site, since that would be annoying for users and devs.

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