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Fixed a key issue that the main level had, and extended ending 2. Two new maps added. See description in the download page for entire change-log and new + old readme

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We just released a quick patch fixing a main level issue, and extending ending 2. We hope you like the new ending!

Hello Neighbor The Mansion Version 1.1

Download page:

Patch notes 1.1

-Extended Final 2 – Accessible by main/first level

Note: normal ending 2 is still available. We just extended it, but I was not really satisfied with it at all and decided to extend it -JamyzGenius

-New Maps added for Final 2

The_Mansion_ByIknosabukandJamyzGeniusFINAL2JFG – First part of extended ending 2.

The_Mansion_ByIknosabukandJamyzGeniusFINAL2JFG-2 – Final and second part of ending 2.

Note, if there is any kind of odd bug or glitch (which should not happen) in one of these and you opened the main mission. Open these to return to the level you were.

-For the main level. Fixed an issue in which near the stairway made of refrigerators you get stuck if you fall to the back of the big table.


-While moving forward in Final2-2 Do not sprint, or you will get stuck. This happens in Final2JFG-2 or Part 2 and final of ending 2. Just, when going into the black hall and suddenly moving, do not sprint or move violently. To fix this, you have to repeat this level.

-Also as a general note, please play mod with in a view-port window! Standalone works, but it is a little bit buggy, especially with the new extension of ending 2. Also, tramps do not work in Standalone mode. Sometimes in Standalone the new ending collapses and things do not work properly. When I say collapse I mean, things break. For example, the hall in which you are supposed to be pulled magically teleports you to another side of the map. So, please, if you are going to play this ending. Please do it in the viewport. For a better experience you can do it in a custom viewport while maximized.

Note: the old version or non version numbered has been renamed to [OUTDATED], please do not download that one. We also updated image and article links. Thank you so much.

We hope you enjoy this release! Also a small article about containing information for guidance is in the way as-well!

We send you regards!

Iknosabuk and JamyzGenius

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