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Introduction of the game Moshanyana and his creator.

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Hi all, I'm a french creator, Immudelki. I've got some skills into flash, photoshop and a little bit in 3D. I study Academical Arts since 2010 and my passion for games and screen simulation is...really...evolved ^^
I work a lot on a other program : RPG MAKER XP, on the french community but I don't really create games that were completed but mostly big folder of paper with artworks, scripts...really worked, but not really on the engine. Added to that, I already use Adobe Flash and it has already been more concrete, I've got an other project, a fan interface of Code Lyoko's Super Computer Screen, the IFSCL :
Topic of the IFSCL on Code Lyoko's English Forum
Topic de l'IFSCL sur le forum Fran├žais de Code Lyoko

I've also made a Official Site for all my projects :
Paradoxe Upsilon, Immudelki's Website

So...Moshanyana...why this title ? Simply because it's a reference to a African Deity, a man that grows...really fast !
The concept is easy, you're the...thing...that control the Moshanyana (an AI or a human, I think this is better no to know..), a big spaceship that travels a strange universe with his own physical and chimical laws. Your job is to discover this world (maybe with a script, no written for now, it's more like a sandbox) find new ways to travel with your ship, and defend yourself from horrible creatures.
My screens inspirations are coming from the computer screens and interface design in code lyoko, doctor who, mr and mrs smith, the island and stargate atlantis.

Three screenshots of the current version have been done so have a look in the gallery :)

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