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A summary of what the Imperial Dimension Neptunia mod will be and the current plans for it.

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Hello everyone! I am embarking a quest, a quest to make a mod for Empire At War, a mod that is based off the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. On the quest I hope to make a fun mod that is fully armed and operational, and to get to learn more about how to model and rig in 3dsmax! I know you have questions about what this mod is, what it will add, and what changes will it make. Lets get into this!

What is this mod, and what is it about?

This is a mod for the Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption game that revolves around the Hyperdimension Neptunia series and aims to add Neptunia content to Empire at War. The mod takes place in an alternate Star Wars legends galaxy, and most of the Galactic conquest scenarios take place post Endor during the era of the Imperial Remnant (between 6ABY-19ABY is the start date depending on GC scenario) before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. While the mod focuses around the Neptunia series, it can also feature content from other series including Starship troopers, Valkyria Chronicles, and various other series. This mod is still currently in very early stages. It'll also feature a new menu style similar to that found in the Neptunia Rebirth games and Megadimension.

All 3 current factions of EAW (Empire/Rebels/Zann Consortium) will be heavily rebalanced, with units getting changed in regards to stats. This will be more noticeable in space combats, where ships have new weapons, more hp, and more hardpoints compared to vanilla; fighters are also getting more useful. Ship building requirements and costs will also change to reflect these changes.

What new Stuff will you add to this mod?

Many new heros, infantry/mechanized units, and space units will be added to the mod! New Planets will also be added! Note that not all heros/units will be available in all galactic conquest scenarios, some will be unique/exclusive to only certain scenarios. Planet Placement in Galactic Conquest will also be made more accurate. Here are some of the units that will be added:

New Heros:

Imperial/Imperial Remnant Heros:

  • Neptune
  • Histoire
  • Kurome Ankokuboshi
  • Iris Heart
  • Noire
  • Vert
  • Blanc
  • Purple Heart/NEXT Form
  • Black Heart/NEXT Form
  • White Heart/NEXT Form
  • Green Heart/NEXT Form
  • Nepgear
  • Uni
  • Nisa
  • Iffy
  • Compa
  • Cave (Neptunia)
  • GodEater (Neptunia)
  • Selvaria Bles
  • General Berthold Gregor
  • General Radi Jaeger
  • Maximilian Gaius Von Reginrave
  • Grand Moff Ardus
  • Ganche (Avenir)
  • Gilad Pellaeon (ISD 1)
  • Ysanne Isard
  • Ennix Devian
  • Grand Admiral Danetta Pitta
  • Bevel Lemelisk
  • X1
  • Tiara (ADF FFF)
  • Nitro Plus (Neptunia)

Rebel/New Republic Heros:

  • Rahm Kota
  • Lando Calrissian
  • Sergeant Ludlow (T4B tank)
  • Captain Kukei ( from Super neptunia rpg, will use buffed Mon Cala destroyer)
  • Jan Dodonna (Nebulon frigate)
  • Grand Admiral Octavian Grant
  • Anonydeath
  • Mr. Badd
  • X2
  • Eleanor Varrot
  • Welkin Gunther
  • Alicia Melchiott
  • Saturn (Neptunia)
  • B-sha (Gold Third)
  • C-Sha (Gold Third)
  • K-Sha (Gold Third)
  • S-Sha (Gold Third)
  • Big Neptune (Neptunia)
  • Uzume Tennouboshi/Orange Heart
  • Steamax
  • Crix Madine (Mon Cala cruiser)
  • Kursk Mal'ia (Mon cala cruiser)
  • Sien Sovv
  • Fleet Commander Firmus Nantz

Zann Consortium Heros:

  • Darth Maul
  • Arfoire
  • CFW Magic
  • CFW Judge
  • Underling Linda (Neptunia)
  • Affimojas
  • Rei Ryghts

New Planets:

  • Planetune
  • Lastation
  • Leanbox
  • Lowee
  • Tera (Starship troopers planet)
  • Valk (Valkyria Chronicles planet)
  • Yaga Minor
  • Bastion
  • RZ7-6113-23
  • Yag'Dhul
  • Planet U (Rock Raiders planet)
  • Rattatak
  • Mygeeto

Possible new character designs for this mod?

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