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Heldric is now live on steam greenlight. Please join us to celebrate this major milestone. Have a quick peek at what's new.

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New alpha - build 5051

About the game

Do you enjoy hack-n-slash but longed for a bit more? Maybe you like city builder games but find them a bit boring? Here is a different take on the same old styles of game. A hack-n-slash without loot or endless level grinding. A city builder without resource management. A game where you don’t play an epic hero, but a humble shoemaker that must work together with together villagers to defend waves of attacks. Build, upgrade, rotate and decorate the village. Each building adds unique abilities to you and your fellow villagers. Defend against waves of monsters intent on killing everyone. Do you have what it takes to survive?

New alpha - build 5051

Steam Green-light process started

We would like to thank our fan for all the support thus far, we've come a long way. Today marks a major milestone that we are now listed on Steam Green-light. With your continued support, we hope to to achieve our goal of December release of Heldric. This is no easy task as there is still much left to be done. Most of all, we need your votes to get green-lit.

While we acknowledge the trend to give out free keys in exchange for votes, we feel as this is disingenuous and we won't buy votes. If you like our game then we are thrilled and ask you vote for us. If not, please leave us some feedback as what you don't like on our forums.

New alpha - build 5051

New night map added

It's dark and there are shadows moving in the distance. Are they an animal or monster? Only way to find out shoot first and then check the corpse. Night can be fun, camp fires and lamp posts serve as small beacons to the ever approaching darkness. Then there are those things that only come out at night. The kind of things you don't really want to meet in the forest.

New alpha - build 5051

Hunt animals for extra coin

If you are in between waves and want some extra coin, have a run around the surrounding forest. Wolves, deer, wild boars and bears can be found. These can provide a nice source of additional coin but don't go out unprepared.

New alpha - build 5051

Touch-up and more details

The campaign map received some additional details like roads, buildings and mountains. This will help show you the way to ultimate victory. The UI got a bit of work with the target information box showing villager health, plot requirements and building upgrade level.

Steam Greenlight
Heldric – The legend of the shoemaker
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Be sure and watch our latest trailer with current game footage.


Voted !

Good luck on this very promising project.

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astralbyte Author

Cheers for the vote, every one counts when you're an indie.

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