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The latest update to the Hash Rush alpha is the biggest one to date. As part of this update, we've introduced a host of new features from resources, to buildings to units.

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The latest update to Hash Rush is out, and boy was it a big one! If you are interested in the full patch notes, you can find them here.

This article will go over the main changes and additions to the game!

New Resource: Ore and Ingot

Let’s start with our brand new resources. We’ve always been aware that the Ernacks have made use of metal in their tools, so it would make sense for us to have a metal-based resource in the game.

We’ve divided the new metal resource into two forms, ore and ingots. Players will first extract the ore found on the planet's surface in the same fashion as they would stone, food and wood; so look out for the new resource deposits.

Ingame metal

After you’ve found your source of ore, you can then process it into ingots. For that, we’ve repurposed the Blacksmith. The Blacksmith will function in a similar way to the Stonemason and the Sawmill; once built, you will need to send a worker to the blacksmith and it will begin crafting your Ingots.

For now, the following builds require either ore or ingots.

This building now requires 25 ore and 100 wood

This building now requires 100 ore and 25 wood

This building now requires 30 ingots and 40 wooden planks

For now, that is all. However, in the future, we will update units to require ore and ingots as well.

New Unit and Building: Troggs and the Trogg Pit

“Troggs used to be simple Ernacks who hoarded massive amounts of Crypto Crystals in their caves. These Ernacks would stay in the caves for months on end and ultimately absorbed the Crystal power. As they absorbed the Crystal’s power, they gradually lost their minds and mutated into the hulking form that you see today. However, after this conversion, the Troggs become to be known as living siege equipment and proved to be invaluable in the fight against the Crystal Scourge.”


Troggs are units that specialize in the demolition of buildings, rather than fighting monsters. As such players will need to make sure that they have supporting units near the Troggs at all times to protect them from melee and ranged enemy units.

In order to train Troggs, players will first need to construct a Trogg Pitt,


The Trogg Pit has the requirement of 60 stone and 30 wood.

Once you have this building, training a Trogg is the same as training any other combat unit. You must first send a worker inside the Trogg Pitt, and then train it as a Trogg.

New Building: The Apothecary and Brewery

The Apothecary and Brewery serve as stepping stone buildings that the player is required to have before they can construct the Trogg pit.

The apothecary building

The Brewery is the first building required as it will unlock the Apothecary. Once the player has the Apothecary, they will be able to build the Trogg Pit.

In the future, the Apothecary will also serve as a training building for the healer, a unit that will heal wounded units. We are already preparing this new unit, so stay tuned for its future arrival.

New Building: Watchtower

As we prepare for the addition of a true enemy AI, we’re adding in a defensive tower so that players can start to defend their base.

Watchtower concept art

The Watchtower will be the players main defensive building and will also serve as a light source that can lift the Crystal Scourge. Once you have built the tower, you will need to garrison a unit inside it in order to activate its defensive capabilities.

With a unit inside the tower, it will guard its area and automatically open fire on any enemy unit that walks into its range of fire.

Changes to the Food System

After receiving a lot of feedback on the food system, we’ve decided to simplify food to be only one resource.

In previous versions of the game, the player would need to gather raw berries and then cook these berries to get food. However, the feedback that we received indicated that this system was needlessly complex. So, in order to improve the food system, we’ve simply removed the cooked food. From now on, your units will be fed directly from the berries that you collect from the berry bushes.

For now, the cookhouse has been renamed to the Brewery and its purpose is to unlock the Apothecary.

Changes to the Building System

The Ernacks and the Traveller all have a magical element behind them and we want to keep the Ernack race working with that theme. Looking at the way buildings are animated as they are being built, we thought that we needed to upgrade that a bit.

There were also several nasty bugs that were involved with the old system, so this solution makes it better for everyone.

Marketplace and Bounty Challenge

Finally, we come to the biggest feature of them all, the Marketplace and the Bounty Challenge. These features are key to our vision of Hash Rush, and we are finally ready to begin testing them in our game.

The marketplace is a peer to peer market that allows players to sell any of their items directly to other players using our own currency RUSH Coin.

For now, these RUSH Coins are simulated and do not represent real RUSH Coin, additionally, all items brought and sold are not NFTs, yet. The reason for this is that we need to put the marketplace through rigorous testing to make sure that everything is working 100% bug-free.

Important note: We will gradually be giving out items to the players for them to use.


The Bounty Challenge is what we are calling our monthly competition to see who can mine the most amount of crystals from the game. You can now join our test run to compete with your fellow players to see who is the most active Crystal digger in our alpha!


And that's all for this roundup! Do check out our full patch notes for every change, addition and bug fix made to the game with update 204.

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