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This is the preview video of the Harad faction in DCI: Last Alliance.

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The DCI:LA team presents


Here's an +hour's look at the desert warriors of Harad and the foreign Black Númenórean tyrants, who rule by fear and worship Sauron through human sacrifices, and who command Far Harad soldiers and mighty mûmakil to defeat the Dúnedain and the Elves.


Lore 01:00
Harad UI 08:00
Starting settlements 09:30
Early targets 11:50
Settlement visuals 13:20
Umbar 15:25
Economy & growth 19:45
Conversion buildings 23:35
Recruitment notes 28:30
Family tree 32:10
Names & General BGs 37:15
Army Roster 45:40
Credits 01:12 :25

DCI: Last Alliance is a WIP submod to Third Age: Total War, that brings the battle to the end of the Second Age of Middle-earth.

DCI Last Alliance's page on TWC:

Hoar - - 1,682 comments

Thanks for the effort! This is awesome!

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Ngugi Author
Ngugi - - 891 comments

Thank you Hoar, appricated! I do try to keep the length back so pardon that; but well, there's much fun to show and discuss... ^^

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OctaviaNocturnis - - 1,014 comments

This truly does the Black Numenoreans justice I believe. Lore accurate but at the same time, a very fun and interesting faction.

Only thing you forgot to show off was the naval ships available (I may have missed it somehow).

Keep up the great and hard work! I can't wait to try this faction.

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Ngugi Author
Ngugi - - 891 comments

That's the intent and in my view we managed with that goal, hand in hand with what good gameplay request :)

No, you did not miss it. Not had that in mind, but can do some display of ships ahead (name, stats, cost, a line about what each is about).
Compaired to what the DĂșnedain and the Elves have, perhaps, should not be an issue.

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Maxyms - - 511 comments

Good, good

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Araval - - 514 comments

We are glad that you approve!

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