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All news here is good! Promise, we'll be back up by next week.

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Well hello there! This update contains NO – I repeat – no bad news! Unlike those other buggers with information about failures and breaks and sparkling vampires.

Anyway, we start college again next week (I bet you're thinking I lied about the bad news now eh?) and turns out our groups have been rearranged and times changed, however, as I just found out 15 minutes ago, me and GeneralBert are in the same group, so we will be able to get work done during college, when we should really be sorting our college stuff out, but that's a different matter.

Secondly, you see from the previous news, my computer has given up on its life, I think I'll go with the over-use of it before I realized that the CPU was overheating and some other issues. I've managed to secure myself a Sony Vaio laptop! It's hopefully going to arrive on Saturday so I'll be able to spend Sunday sorting out all the things I need to keep developing the game and to get all the things I need off the computers hard drive onto the laptop. Other plus sides of this are that I can take the laptop into the college some days and me and Berty can work on the game there where we can both see what's progressing, he can also bring his and we can progress there too. The downside is that DTJ2.0 and Blueheadedpants are in different groups, even to each other. So we won't be in college the same days as them unfortunately.

This update got much bigger than I expected, this is what happens when I have to write all my updates in OpenOffice Writer before copying them to ModDB (Blame Firefox 4, actually no, blame ModDB).

I'll be back with you lot on Saturday! Oh and I'll be doing work until I start college on Thursday.

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