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Here's an update on how Balance of Kingdoms is going and what to expect in Early Access!

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Here's a brand new Gameplay Trailer:

Good morning / evening!

We're getting closer to releasing Balance of Kingdoms on Steam as Early Access and we've got a lot of new things to show you!

So, what's new? Well...

The Pirate Kingdom

Yarr, finally, The Pirate Kingdom is ready and playable! They've got unique buildings and weapons which will change the dynamic of the fight. The Pirate's buildings are quite weak and rickety - making building more of a challenge but they have a lot of firepower! The Gatling Cannon fires off multiple cannon balls very quickly and we're working on a Grapnel Gun that will fire a grappling hook at the enemy town and pull off their buildings one by one!

Screenshot 271

Point System

Now player's will be rewarded for building bigger and stronger towns! The more buildings you have and the longer you can defend them means you'll get more points during the battle! As soon as a building falls off the platform you'll stop getting points for it - so keep it balanced!

Screenshot 276

New Balancing

We've completely reworked how the platform works out balancing - now the platform is attached by "springs" which have a threshold of weight and speed. This will give the player more of an opportunity to balance their town before it collapses. Here's my "WobbleTest":


Finally, the first Singleplay mode is almost complete! This is a basic Sandbox mode with unlimited time and resources. Whenever we add a new Kingdom to Balance of Kingdoms they will also become available in Freebuild so you can practice with them.

Player's will also be able to customise Freebuild - there will be an option to toggle unlimited resources on / off and other things will be customisable like the platform length / height ect...

Screenshot 230


We're looking for Testers!

Join us on Discord at to keep up to date with development!

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