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Launch of the Mod during 2022? Maybe, but I have some news for you.

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Happy New Year 2022 compatriots! And no, the mod hasn't been completed for this past year, but don't give up hope, 2022 may be the right one.

During my few vacations I had a little time to move forward with the installation of the new doors, a somewhat long and boring job. But in the meantime I also wanted to redo my "Tech Map". Allowing to create my standards and to show some aspects. I will try to make it available to you as soon as possible. It will also include the new menu with adjustments from the latest changes.

Certain design aspects will be reviewed, less armored doors will be added for certain less important rooms. The passage design will try to keep the functionality of the original game, but perhaps some will be revised in terms of visual design with the Source engine.

The final scene, with current tests, is very Hardcore, more than 400 ammunition is required to overcome the Boss (Hitler). I would try by launch to balance the game to make everything less intense. I also have some difficulties with the exterior decor through the windows, this is something quite new to me.

The basic design of the maps is completed, ie the position and dimension of the pieces and this for all the maps, only the bonus level (# 10) will be completed at the end, the rest will be completed by wave of work; as is the doors, after lighting, textures etc ... But as soon as the doors and lights are installed, playability tests begin, to adjust between the original version and this remake.

The original game had a limited engine and I'm trying to dig a little deeper into what the designers wanted to reproduce. To create a certain logic of use of the places, to create a credible staging.

But everything is going well, tell yourself that half of the estimated work is done, that the concept works and that, other than time, nothing would prevent the release of this mod.

With that, another good year 2022, I will keep you informed as soon as I have any news.

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