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We just updated the Sneak Peek and adjusted it a little bit to celebrate Halloween with you!

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I'm proud to announce that we just updated the Sneak Peek which you can access through clicking on the oversized Green lettering:

The Halloween Sneak Peek!

You'll need Unity Webplayer to play, which you can download from their website.

This Sneak Peek will expire on Thursday 20:00 pm (GMT + 2) so try it out, and post your comments!
(EDIT: Expired)

- Added Brightness Adjustment Slider to the Pause Menu.
- the Brightness setting will be stored on your Local Machine, so it won't get lost between Game Sessions.

- Added NPCs which are currently not able to see the Player but will follow the Noise he makes
- Guards are now a lot harder to shake off ( They are now able to sprint)

- Added tons of Random Spawning objects (for a good example try the Citylevel and enter the Main Room of the Tavern Building)
- Added more different Loot Objects

- Made some changes to the Foliage to make the game a little more "Halloween - ish"

Known Issues:
- Due to some complications in the related Code NPCs and Guards won't return to their initial behaviour after loosing sight of the Player. If I make it in time I'll patch this into the SneakPeek.

- Guards sometimes show some weird behaviours when pursuing the player on uneven Terrain ( like the stairs in the Park)

- Adjusting the Brightness of the Scene

Not Included:

- Guards aren't able to open doors ( only way to shake them off at the moment)
- NPCs aren't able to see the Player
- NPCs won't show Facial expressions

- GUI Graphics

Please note that this is a Work in Progress and not even close to the finished product

We hope will you enjoy it!
and don't be shy - give us Feedback if there is something that bugs you and we will fix !

Best Regards and a Happy Halloween!
- Salynrad

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