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Happy Halloween, in this big update we will see the news, from 0.29.

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Happy Halloween, in this big update we will see the news, from 0.29


Star Wars:

All Star Wars factions have now been updated to have better sprites, from units based on Galactic Battlegrounds and other RTS-focused games in the franchise.
The vast majority of units that looked bad graphically were replaced with new models and new units were added to expand the game.
New buildings such as fortresses or passive money buildings were added, so currently Star Wars looks very changed from previous versions.

Warhammer 40k:

From a dystopian and very tragic universe, some new evil friends appear, Chaos, now Warhammer 40k has been fixed from several bugs and has been polished, we finally have a decent repertoire with the Imperial Guard, the Space Marines, the Orkz and Chaos who are our new demon friends.

What are you waiting for to get out of the warp and teach the other factions the powers of the dark gods


Those funny worms from Worms Armageddon are back with an arsenal full of explosive stuff, an out of place faction full of crazy stuff, it's new content for the less serious Cameo fans, everything here explodes, literally everything.

Outpost 2:

Only Plymouth has been added, a fraction that personally I do not know anything about its origin game, coming from Outpost 2, even so Outpost 2 is not complete yet, the other faction of this game is missing.


Those maniacal robots from Sector Z commanded by Zod, are now in cameo, a faction whose game form is to use free robots to finish off the enemy, they just waste time


Beings extracted and stolen from different games, and coming from classic monsters, such as skeletons, frankenstein and others now joined together to celebrate this halloween, in this faction we will control a necropolis with killer clowns and ugly beings, why not also demons, here we mix everything to celebrate halloween, so good here the balloons float and the planes too

Well, soon, very soon, we will release a new version, in order to test this new Halloween Cameo

Myrion_08 - - 192 comments

I look forward to it

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SCIPCION - - 413 comments

y las monas?

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SweetRamona - - 5,126 comments

Looks kinda fun. :3

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