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So Homeworld 2 Reached the big One Zero...
The fact that I'm writing this in my opinion is evidence of Homeworld's success as a game franchise. An entire decade after this game was released, it's just a bonus we are still here writing code for it.
I was going to write a long, boring post that outlined all the history this game and Relic when though before today. Then I realized how dull that was, compared to what's been happening recently, and what could be happening in the not too decent future. So I'll just quickly brush over the history of relic for those that don't know:
Relic got bought by THQ;
THQ went bust;
Gearbox (of the Borderlands series) bought the rights to the Homeworld franchise
So we've been promised HD remakes of Homeworld and Homeworld 2 by Gearbox, and personally I don't think that's particularly exiting. In the end, having seen some samples of redone textures here, I don't think the ships look majorly different. More modern; yes, but these aren't ground breaking changes. However it is still early days and I will be happy to be proven wrong.
For me the exiting bit is if Gearbox releases their new titles onto steam. There they will be able to attract a much wider audience, and maybe I'll be able to write another one of these posts in 5 or ten years' time.
Talk about this change of ownership has been flying around inside the Dev team, so I will just put to rest a couple of questions that have been asked internally, and I'm sure some of you want to ask:

Are you going to make/adapt the mod for the updated games?
A: We can't know yet. Nothing has been announced about any changes the engine, or the modding API of Homeworld 2. While no news is good news it means that we have no idea if we will actually be able to write any mods for the updated games, let alone something as complex, as (um...) Complex.
Q: Are you going to use the updated textures in the mod?
A: Most likely: NO. The reason for this is that if we use them we can technically circumvent people buying the updated version of the game, as the mod works with the older version, giving people access to the updates without buying the new game. In short, we don't wanna get fined.
Q: Do you have any plans to approach gearbox, regarding working with them on the HW franchise, any time soon?
A: I can only speak for myself [IGBC] here: No.

I'm sorry that drifted massively off topic. Well in any case I guess this sorta covers a Gearbox FAQ. If you have any questions regarding this or any of our upcoming development, please feel free to ask in the comments.


ArmA was made by Bohemia Interactive. Not Gearbox.

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oops, thanks: updated post

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