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By the coming of 130 anniversary of birth of Adolf Hitler, we making our 'Happy Birth Day baby Hitler' event for everyone!

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A long time ago in a Germany far, far away....

Was born the Darth Adolf Hitler, the biggest party pooper ever made in the galaxy. To celebrate that, we finishing the Wolfenstein: Stupidity mod in 20 April. Don't forget, All lie is salt!

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What's new?

Everything! I had remade all important content: models, sounds, textures, old new characters to make the new magnificent Wolfenstein experience. New UI brings the new definition of perception of Stupidity.

Also two different and absolute FREE DLC will be available for all Stupidity owners:

  1. 'Advanced warfare' DLC including the new sounds and weapon models for modern arms lovers.
  2. 'Sounds like Stupidity' DLC including wonderful soundtrack, that's meaning to be in your cell phone.

After all, the Stupidity 3 using the absolute new engine, based on RealRTCW mod engine, developed by WolfETPlayer. Now, game supporting 44 khz sound. And the shotgun finally!

What's next?

As my mom always says: You will never have too much ammo.

But it's done. Wolfenstein: Stupidity 3 is the final goal of this long trip into the RTCW madness. Only new DLCs probably. Anyway, the next step is...


pingvin66666 - CEO and idea, content manager

Bethesda Softworks - Wolfenstein title owner

id Software - The Source

Gray Matter Interactive - The game developer

Upisoft Entertaiment (RIP) - Stupidity 2.0 developer and prefabs for v3

Valve - Halflife universe things owners and the Gman's employers

Knightmare - Engine source

WolfETPlayer - Engine programming support

85 Prøductions (also TITEUF-85) - Menu UI

Ress Project Poland (TM) or MachineGames - HUD Idea and source

Nintendo and Valve sound artists, Dethklok, Mick Gordon, Alan Eliott, The Ting Tings and many of other people I don't know - Huge part of in-game music

Cruel Addict - Official soundtrack

V00id - Shotgun source

Eugeny, Yoshik, Aidendemon and other commutity - Programming, scripting, configuring advising and support

Enemy Territory fan community (also the ischbinz, }K{ChEeEzY of Clan-Kaos, Electrocutioner, SIPPENHAFT, re:lax*pd and ET NAM team dudes) - SW: Jedi Academy and ET NAM weapon assets and other 'Advanced Warfare' stuff.

pingvin55555 - Stupidity 3 developer

Adolf Hitler - Without him, Wolfenstein series would never been existed. Happy birth day, lol

Thank ya!


The individual textures and mods are being donated to the public for modding. They are NOT available for resale or distribution by anyone unless for free. Ultimately all rights are reserved to the creators of Wolfenstein: Stupidity and Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Feel free to use it on your gaming device. You're allowed to modify/improve this mod, just say who made the base. Thank you!



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