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Explanations of some things, and also mod progress percentage.

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As some of you might have already seen, a mod with same screenshots was added yesterday. This is the same mod with same story and by same person, so I did not steal anything from anyone.

The mod is going currently very well, and the estimated release date will be somewhere around the end of summer - to beginning of autumn, so far. Might get changed too, if something happens.

Also note, that the story screenshots seen above are not ready yet. I had to upload some images to get this site up ^^

Mod progress: (I will not spoil the area names this time- check the other page if you want to know)

Level 1: 100%

Level 2: 100%

Level 3: 100%

Level 4: 20%

Level 5: 0%

I'm trying to keep you all updated with the progress. I will try to remember to always update the progress when I make the story.

Stay tuned!


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