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Here I tell you guys some not so surprising things. *IMPORTANT*

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If you have been to any of the pages for Halo Revived, then you surely know the dispute going on about getting C&D 'd etc.
Well to answer all of these people, thank you, I realize you are helping me. So I have decided for everyone's best interest that this game's production will be postponed for the time being.
Any people that are either maddened or sad please don't be so.
This game is NOT dead. I will continue work on it if I can ever get contact with Microsoft, Bungie, etc.

Hopefully this will stop all of the disputes and let me work on other things.

If you wanted to know, the requirement of my class is to have a game of any kind developed by 2012.

So I may post that game in the near future with a more planned and personal approach.

I apologize to all of the trackers and thanks again for the ones looking out for me.


*EDIT: Merry Christmas!.

AAAStudios - - 136 comments

i don't think you should contact Microsoft, trust me

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jlolment - - 199 comments

Yup, they'll take it as a threat and sue you. Let me know how it goes, though, I'll start making popcorn.

PS: microsoft is pretty evil.

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Shaemon - - 227 comments

I can already tell by the tone of this post that this game is never being finished.

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DewmBot - - 518 comments

D: last time some one tried to get permission to use a lisence from microsoft it took them a year to say yes to a indie company named mektek and the game hasnt had a sequel for years now the game is called mechwarrior mercenaries if you've heard of it and its now out for free and has been updated by mektek

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