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Upcoming ideas for a Halloween event. As well as a small note

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So as October approaches so does Halloween and with it Vintage's first foray into the realms of scream fortress.

While the final days are undecided we'll hopefully have a server up from the 30th of October to the 1st of November that will play as many working halloween themed maps as we can scrounge up. However there are things that need to be pointed out. While Vintage can run retail TF2 maps, maps that rely on set variables not part of the code (like the ghost on harvest_event's stun) We're hoping we won't need tricks to treat you to a fun little event. I'll be talking to the rest of the team as well as the server op (if he';s still around by then) if we can get a map pack going of all the spooky scary ma[s the community has to offer and serve them up before the actual event to get everyone ready.

On a side note, It's come to my attention that our dev team missed a rather glaring bug with 2.9.1 in which sprays cannot be changed. The best advice I can offer is either stick with 2.9 or swap out the spray included in vintage with another image and just rename the image to spray (There are instructions somewhere in the vintage folder but our devanon has hidden it on me [meaning I can't find it at this time])

Another thing is you may have noticed our friend who runs the only dedi has disappeared. Believe it or not he was paying for that server, and we thank him and the others who have come and gone for hosting. Even if their servers were broken and we got complaints from players about you. So a special thanks to not only /v/intage fun but memesystem who we hope comes back. While there currently at the time of this article no dedi up, it hasn't deterred our players from playing. One such player hosted a server and while pings were high there was no shortage on enjoyment (and frustration). So thanks to Those guys.

I'd also like to take time to thank people showing interest in this as well as those who have tried it, even if you felt like vintage isn't up to snuff or what you'd hoped it be I hope you took something positive away from it, or it reminded you of something good. We hope people keep sharing the existence of TF2V with others. Without you guys vintage would never have been featured not once but TWICE on moddb so thanks.

I'm actually writing this bit after some talk with a few players. As it's known the only dedis typically have no VAC protection enabled on them as they're configured to let people who don't wish to install steam to play vintage. I'm genuinely curious if what one player said is true to those who are watching this project;

Does a server without the shield next to it's name make you hesitant to play on it? While we've yet to have an issue with cheaters I wonder if that mixed with the lack of official groups to coordinate scares people away. Right now the only people the dev team has seen been accused of cheating are former comp players who are fairly regular on vintage's servers and the accusations tend to come from new players or people not used to the ways of community servers back in TF2's hayday where people of various skill level ended up meshing. Not only are we the dev team interested in hearing about this but I'm sure the regulars of TF2V would like to hear as well.

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