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I apologize on how late this came, if you're curious read on. This update fixes many bugs and adds new things. Read on!

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This update was supposed to be released almost 2 months ago details below. The patch is finally here, fixes many bugs and adds new things as seen in the on going trailers I released on Youtube. I am excited to release it, even if it's really late.

Here's a more-or-less complete changelog.

  • Fixed Issue with Singleplayer Custom Weapons
  • Fixed Issue with secondary dosh fire
  • Added Christmas eggs
  • Added ultraviolence (server setting)
  • Fixed poolsclosed
  • Added Round End Sounds
  • Added Death Sounds
  • Added Easter Eggs
  • Added Santa
  • Added Santa Zombie
  • Added New shotgun model
  • Added Gay Glenn
  • Added X-Mas tree
  • Added mc_underground version 1
  • Added xmastreeterror
  • Nerfed Grenade Launcher fire
  • Added Chicken Launcher
  • Added Creeper
  • Added Golden Gun
  • Added Boombox
  • Fixed Crash Issues (?)
  • Added CommandMenu
  • Added Modern Warfare 2 Super Serious Gun (Finally)
  • Removed Psudeo-Coop for now (Until I fix it, it broke singleplayer)
  • Added Sinistar ...I Hunger...

As for releasing late, A couple of things happened in my personal life and I couldn't really work on Half-screwed for a good month or two. Here it is.

Download: Here!

Seaalisgonefromhere - - 986 comments

How can I spawn the X-Mas Tree in any level I want?

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ash_link Author
ash_link - - 100 comments

hold down the c button and it should be in the menu there.

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X-LAyer2 - - 232 comments


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TheGreatGonzo - - 2,969 comments

Added easter eggs?
We got some hunting to do!

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