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It's coming next week! The finished, final version of Half-Rats: A Fever Dream for Half-Life. Keep your pistols close and your whiskey closer yet!

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You could go trick-or-treating and become violently ill by way of poisoned candy you got from that one weird house down the street from the elementary school, OR, you could go to a lame party and listen to people recite quotes from mainstream movies for several hours while they chug Mike's Hard Lemonade and other assorted wine coolers, becoming white-girl wasted, could just grab a fifth of rot gut, load your pistols and follow the link below - I mean, you'll get to hang out with demons and the undead and everything, too...but don't let that stop you from watching Joshua Myer from your college math class take bong rips. Hey, whatever you do; it hain't my business, pals...*Brushes dust off shoulder, walks away*

Half-Rats: A Fever Dream

The link above? Oh, why that's nothing, nothing at all...don't fret over it. 'Tis only the FULL VERSION or "Gold Master" of "Half-Rats: A Fever Dream" for Half-Life. The historical horror mod set in 1883, that pits you and some few survivors against the hordes of hell! Visit exotic locales, such as mismanaged manses, freaky factories, horrible hotels, calamitous countryside and other scary places that will make you defecate loudly in your very chairs. Additionally, the weapons, language and setting are all period style...not that kind of period, you unprincipled freaks.


As you can see, there are but scant days left before it is made available to you for download. Next week - (Nearly 8 days from now) the cat's out of the bag so to speak, and I hope you have much more fun playing this single-player pack than I did developing it. Since, well, most of the time, I was wishing for the sweet embrace of death to take me away from all the heartache and turmoil that comes from your first mod and all...Especially running into all those damnable bugs!

Needless to say, my rejoicing has taken a fevered pitch and has involved copious amounts of alcohol and well as mud masks and cat massages. I've already started preemptively drinking to account for that promise I made to you all a few months hence. I'm 400 swigs of whiskey into it already, so you all have some downloading to do!

By the way, the finished version includes subtitles, which CAN be turned off if you're enterprising enough. You'll see in the action shots! Which are coming up right...about...


2015 10 18 00002

Private Barnaby will show you the ropes, you know! He even went through the trouble of putting tablecloths upon the tables to make things look more presentable - and to add an air of pomp and respectability to the whole matter!

2015 10 18 00004

Sleepy little (Fictional) part of Detroit, Michigan, 1883. I wonder if I can get an endorsement from Pioneer Sugar...or perhaps a nice, fat lawsuit? Maybe I'll end up on the cover of TIME?

2015 07 20 00001

My home above Trask Dry Goods and Sundries.

2015 10 18 00015

All of you remember this one, huh? Well there are those who still have yet to see it! SO GAZE ON, one and all!

2015 10 18 00013

Some Satanic remodeling after prayers?

2015 08 13 00001

Looks like the Women's Christian Temperance Movement got here first.

2015 10 18 00024

Barnaby in action!

2015 10 18 00025

Precursor to Rambo! Hell yeah! A "19th Century Lawnmower" - commandeered by yours truly!

2015 10 18 00017

A chilling revelation by our mutual friend...

Alright, that's enough...Here, Qwertyus fixed the player model. Embarrassment level decreased by a factor of 10. I still have some serious issues regarding my facial structure, I swear I don't look like this in real life! Honest! I'm really, really handsome, guys! I say this in earnest! Anyway, adding a player character model WAS a spur of the moment sort of thing.

Half Rats final

Now, to thank everyone who helped me pull this off!

Badboy_Zay - Barnaby and Assassin Rigging.

Devan Miller - The voices of Pvt. Barnaby and Mr. Trask.

Exu_Skully - Pig Beast Concept, Beta Tester.

ThanosHLD - Beta Tester Lead.

Qwertyus - Quality Assurance, Tester, Final Polish and Subtitles.

TWHL Forums - Helping hands all the way.

YOU - You've been a great crowd! You kept me going and gave me something I could write on, the pain gave me something I could set my sights on..never forget the blood sweat, and tears - the uphill struggle over yea-.....Alright, I'm done. This is the last HRAFD news update for some time! Enjoy the mod, and have a happy, safe and kick-ass Halloween!

*Drops the mic*

DarkestNightmare - - 77 comments

dat spoiling pics

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Half-Rats Author
Half-Rats - - 1,328 comments

Oh, there's much more in this little game!

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WillIsBlack - - 657 comments

Arent that huge pile of human remains are from Gunman Chronicles?

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Half-Rats Author
Half-Rats - - 1,328 comments


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Dune_Jumper - - 1,585 comments

Stay classy, Half-Rats.

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CyginModdb - - 1 comments

Half Rats, you better have the whiskey ready and a strong belly!

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