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Finishing touches, quality assurance and the uncertainly certain future of the Half-Rats series.

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Well, no fear! I've sent off what would nearly equate to a finished mod to Qwertyus for Quality Assurance. We've been working together to make sure that Half-Rats: A Fever dream is as perfect as it can be. With some model-hacking and some cleanup, Qwertyus was able to make the weapons and ammunition much more fitting - he has also been hard at work making subtitles for the more important speech in the game, and we've been polishing up any remaining bugs and exploits that were found by my beta testers. Thanos did some pretty extensive testing and compiled several, equally comprehensive reports as well.

dream6 park

Colt SAA makeover, courtesy of Qwertyus, from models taken from Wanted! A Half-Life Western Pack by Maverick Development.


We even worked on implementing a new player model in case the player accidentally sees themselves at any point in the game. I take full responsibility for the model looking ridiculous. Yes, that is my actual face with a cigarette hanging from my mouth - yes, it has been horrendously distorted/contorted - and other words ending in "orted" - in comparison to my original handsome countenance. And yes, the top hat is offensively large. But that's where I keep my booze, you see. This model was adapted from the Will Smith Wild Wild West player model.

This is the part where I thank everyone again for sticking with me, my beta testers, and Qwertyus for forcing me to stay on task when I wanted to push this mod out the door prematurely, and of course, YOU, my fans, my followers - You're a crazy, hilarious group of folks - and I hope you take the Half-Rats message to heart.

ModDb, if you can find it in your hearts to feature this mod in your Halloween "Must Play" list, I would be forever grateful!

I have been thinking on an early release, but at the moment I am on the fence. The last of the subtitles and fixes are being implemented soon, and before you know it, HRAFD in its finished glory, will be sitting here, waiting for the floodgates to open on midnight, October 31st.

Good news for mobile users. I believe HRAFD will be available for mobile users as well!

Before I bid you adieu, Half-Rats: Parasomnia has been tramping along, and pushing forward and has recently just got a story update! Here's the proof of the former. This is Foxtrop's modeling work, with texture done by yours truly.


Finally got this horrid thing finished! It's the Teddyboy as nature intended it to be. Just wait until you see the Pullduck, though. As one user said, "Say goodbye to your ankles."


Good to see this on android, can't wait for the release!

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Looks amazing as always, can't wait for this. :)

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It was a pleasure beta-testing this bad boy and I can't wait to work with you on the second installment of the Half-Rats series! Good to see you are still polishing up the mod and adding new stuff (the Wanted! weapon model and the highly useful subtitles). I was not aware that you could play a Half-Life mod on a mobile device! Great to see you are adding this feature as well. The glory of Half-Rats, coming in a compact form :) .

Good luck with all the finishing touches! ModDB is eagerly waiting for October the 31st... !

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Really exciting to see how all the progress on this mod has led to this! I wish you the best of luck with finishing it up and releasing it, and look forward to playing it when it comes out! :)

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