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New Progress update which shows new weapons, new songs, some new features, and a NEW Holiday Bonus level for the Demo!

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Welcome to yet another Progress update for Half-Life: WAR, in this update i will show a load of cool stuff, ranging from new weapons, to new songs for the mod, and more! So, let's get started, shall we?

#1 - New guns!

Two new weapons have been added to the mod, the UZI, and the Tec-9!

New Guns!

The UZI is an alternative to the MP5, it has a faster fire rate and lower recoil, but deals slightly less damage, is less accurate and has a smaller magazine.

New Guns!

The Tec-9 is an alternative to the Pistol, it also has a faster fire rate, a bigger magazine, and lower recoil, but is less accurate and deals less damage.

Here's a showcase video of both weapons:

That's it for the weapons, now it's time for

#2 - New Songs

Dr. Orange, HLW's composer has made quite a few new songs for the mod since the Demo released, but i'm gonna show 3 of them, and i think he's done a really good job with these, and i hope you like them too, here they are:

These songs are gonna show up in the final version of the mod.

#3 - Some other cool stuff

I've added some new cool stuff to the mod, and i think you might've noticed one of those new features in the weapons showcase video i've posted above.

Wall puffs

Yup, when you shoot a wall, it produces a cool smoke puff coming from the wall, it surely enhances the gunplay a bit, and it looks cool!

Speaking of smoke - i've also made a cool smoke emitter entity, which as you guessed it, emits smoke sprites at a certain delay!

Now don't worry, it doesn't spawn a billion smoke sprites, that would be awful, how many smoke sprites it spawns depends on how much of an emit delay you set in the entity. So, here in this video, the delay is set to 0.4 seconds, so it spawns around 3 smoke sprites every 0.4 second (and yes, the smoke disappears in case you haven't watched the video). I'm also planning to add some other cool stuff to the entity, like setting a custom sprite for the smoke, and a custom framerate for the sprite.

Now - here's one last cool thing before we go to the BIG thing -

NPC Hurt Skins

Yep, that's right - i've implemented a Quake 2 style hurt system where NPC's if they go below a certain health value will change their skin to a hurt skin! It will especially be useful when you want to know how hurt your allies are after a battle.

#4 - HLW made it to the Top 100!

I wanted to take this little section to thank everyone for voting for HLW this year on MOTY! It means so much to me and i really appreciate the support :D

There's also other excellent mods that made it onto the Upcoming section of the Top 100, so make sure to vote for them now aswell!

HLW Made it onto the Top 100!

Now, here's the special thing i've prepared for this occasion!

#5 - Special Holiday Bonus Level!

Yup, during the last 6 days i've been working on a cool Christmas bonus level for this update! It's an addon level for the HLW Demo 1.1b and you can download it now by either going to the files section of this ModDB page or clicking this link below:

Mod download

Your mission in this level is simple - just deliver a present to Agent Six, he's hiding in an apartment and you have to get to him while fighting terrorists on your way! Now, this level is short, and challenging, so don't expect a level that's as long as the original Demo or anything.

Here's some screenshots of the level for you to look at while the map is downloading:

New Level

New Level

New Level

New Level

I hope you enjoy this special bonus level!

#6 - That's it!

Yes, that is it for this Progress Update! Thank you for reading this, and i wish you a Merry Christmas!

I hope you liked this update, and there's more coming for the mod in the future! Keep an eye out for more cool updates, cause i have a feeling 2022 will be a great year for this mod, and all the other awesome Half-Life mods in the works!

Mod download


Awesome work fella! Those maps are looking real nice.

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Good weapons + Good maps = good mod

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