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FlatLine Arena weapons demonstration - 30 weapons - bots - radar and detail textures - new GUI.

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Hello in the below video you can see all 30 weapons that are currently in the mod Half-Life FlatLine Arena.

Important note: If you know how to break the limit of 30 weapons for Half-Life 1 engine your help will be greatly appreciated. :)

Every single weapon has alternative attack :)

The weapons are separated in 9 categories:

  1. Melee weapons - Crowbar, Katana, Chainsaw and Portable med-station
  2. Pistols - Fnp-45, Colt Python
  3. Machine guns - Bouncer Shotgun, XM29 OICW, AK-47, M249 Charger
  4. Snipers - Automatic Crossbow, Compound Bow, AW50
  5. Explosives - Chain grenade, USCM Satchel, Tripmine, Snark/Chumtoad
  6. Alien weapons - Grapple, Hornetgun, Shickrifle, Sporelauncher
  7. Energy weapons - Gauss gun, Egon gun, Railgun, Displacer
  8. High explosives - RPG-7, M32 Grenadelauncher, M13 Flamethrower
  9. Experimental - M134 Minigun, AT4 Nukelauncer

In the same video you can see the following implementations:

  • radar
  • bots
  • new HUD and UI
  • enhanced effects

Screenshots (don't forget to check the screenshot section for more).

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20200329201317 1 20200329201317 1

20200329201317 1 20200329201317 1

20200329201317 1 20200329200640 1

20200329200640 1 20200329200640 1

Expect more updates.


I think Xash3d has a better weapon limit, but I'm not sure.

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