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Half-Life: Field Intensity v1.4 is now available! With bugfixes and improved level-design.

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General map changes

  • Fixed some lighting and texture issues. Some important paths and objects that were poorly visible in previous versions are properly lit now.
  • Replaced some crates and boxes with different objects to improve the variety in level-design.
  • Overall there're less crates to destroy now and, moreover, destroying them takes less time (we thought this activity is quite boring anyway).
  • Updated soda machine, snack machine, coffee machine and forklift prefabs.
  • Added a little bit more alien infestation in later chapters.
  • Updated node connections to improve the npc path navigation on some levels.

Better buttons

Better soda machines

Say no to crates

Specific map changes

  • Made the Biolabs map (fid1a2) layout less confusing for a player. We noticed a lot of players get lost in the maze of lab corridors, so we simplified it.

Fixed bugs in code

  • Fixed weapons deploy animations not playing sometimes.
  • The player can no longer pick up dead shock roaches as a weapon.
  • Displacer now displaces small and average-sized monsters instead of gibbing them.
  • Fixed tentacles twitching (interpolation bug).
  • Geiger sounds don't interrupt player's item and weapons sounds anymore.

NPC behavior changes

  • Bullsquid's poison no longer does damage to the player's armor.

New features

  • Added Counter Strike bullet impact effects: sparks and wallpuff (turned off by default, can be enabled in Advanced settings or by setting cl_weapon_sparks and cl_weapon_wallpuff cvars).
  • Added weapon muzzlelight effect (turned off by default, can be enabled in Advanced settings or by setting cl_muzzlelight cvar).

Counter Strike effects

Other updates

  • In-game titles (like chapter names shown at the start of the chapter) are now scaled depending on the resolution.
  • Updated FGD

Note for players

Save files from the previous versions won't be compatible with version 1.4 due to both code and map changes! If you've started playing the previous version already and want to continue playing on the new release without having to play the mod from scratch there's a solution.
Start the game on the preferred difficulty and then type the command (in console) to start a chapter you wish to continue from:

HAVE A NICE DAY: map fid1a0a // this can be used to skip an intro
HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENT (Gamma labs): map fid1a2b
ON THE TRACK: map fid1a3
WEAK FORCE: map fid1a4
RECOVERY: map fid2a1
THE VERGE: map fid2a3
F.U.B.A.R.: map fid2a4
DEATHMATCH: map fid2a5
DEATHMATCH (labs): map fid2a5a
DEDUCTION: map fid2a6
DEDUCTION (surface): map fid2a6a

You can also use this trick if you want to replay your favorite chapter.

Thanks for playing Field Intensity. If you find a bug or have some suggestion - don't be shy, write to the Hazard Team!

SweetRamona - - 5,159 comments

Nice, I'm definitely going to replay this again. 😺

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Qwertyus Online
Qwertyus - - 2,558 comments

Just in time ;) Voted!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
HLAG_Golden - - 19 comments

let's go!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Randy! - - 217 comments

Nice Job! Wish you the best for the mod guys. You put alot of dedication and work and I am super excited to see it in action!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
stalkeros - - 23 comments

Всё-таки не забросили, ураааа)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Super1Hawk - - 216 comments

Time to replay this masterpiece!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RedSlug - - 580 comments

Your attention to details and player feedback is pretty damn impressive! I guess a replay is on the holidays bucket list!

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