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Half-Life: Field Intensity v1.3 is now available! It's been more than two months without updates. Time to fix it! In this update we focused on QoL changes and improving the player experience.

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Overall map changes

  • More visual hints have been added on the maps (e.g. additional lighting for some interactive objects).
  • More autosaves added, especially in the first half of the game.
  • Some areas became a bit brighter.

Improved details in Deduction chapter


Some walls looked too bland on this level, so we've added more details to them.

Other noticeable map changes

  • fid1a1 (Hostile Takeover): ventilation duct has been shortened.
  • fid1a1a (Hostile Takeover): changed the encounter with vortigaunts in the playroom.
  • fid1a2 (Hazardous Environment): the microwave on the upper floor is interactive now.
  • fid1a2b (Hazardous Environment): changed the encounter with alien grunts.
  • fid1a3 (On The Track): removed the mounted gun. Alien grunts don't spawn behind the player anymore.
  • fid1a3b (On The Track): added a mounted gun to the area with soldiers.
  • fid1a3c (On The Track): the M249 in the outdoor area is more prominent now, reducing the chance players skip it.
  • fid2a2, fid2a2a (Field Intensity): the corridor connecting two maps is now a bit wider for easier ally navigation.
  • fid2a4, fid2a4a (F.U.B.A.R.): added Xen infestation in some areas.
  • fid2a5a (Deathmatch): the map now has an evening skybox instead of the night one.
  • Sniper rifle and Spore launcher weapons can be obtained a bit earlier in the game.



Night-vision additions

Night Vision effective radius now can be configured for both Opposing Force and Counter Strike NVG styles (via cl_nvgradius_of and cl_nvgradius_cs cvars or via Advanced settings). If you experience performance issues with Counter Strike NVG you can try lowering the radius of dynamic light it produces. And, on the other hand, if you prefer the Opposing Force NVG style but are not happy with its distance, you can increase its radius. The value is in the range between 400 and 1000 units for both NVG styles.

advanced settings

HUD changes

  • The command hud_draw 0 does not hide the Night Vision layer anymore.
  • Important quest items (like security cards) are shown in HUD now. This change aims at providing a more clear hint that player picked up an item.

Voice-acting update

Custom scientist and security guard voice-lines were recorded by Ronald Hamrák. There're no voice lines generated by neural network left.

A certain enemy change

It would be a spoiler to mention what enemy has changed. But those who played the mod already probably will understand. So, a certain enemy was rebalanced a bit and got a new ability.

Notes for translators

  • There's a new thought SATELLITE in the maps/thoughts.txt
  • The SC_BIOLETSGO caption was updated in the sound/captions.txt
  • The message "Objective updated..." is translatable now. Add __OBJUPDATED1 and __OBJUPDATED2 to the maps/hints.txt file.


__OBJUPDATED1 Objective updated. Press [
__OBJUPDATED2 ] to read.

Note for players

save files from the previous versions won't be compatible with version 1.3 due to both code and map changes! If you've started playing the previous version already and want to continue playing on the new release without having to play the mod from scratch there's a solution.
Start the game on the preferred difficulty and then type the command (in console) to start a chapter you wish to continue from:

HAVE A NICE DAY: map fid1a0a // this can be used to skip an intro
HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENT (Gamma labs): map fid1a2b
ON THE TRACK: map fid1a3
WEAK FORCE: map fid1a4
RECOVERY: map fid2a1
THE VERGE: map fid2a3
F.U.B.A.R.: map fid2a4
DEATHMATCH: map fid2a5
DEATHMATCH (labs): map fid2a5a
DEDUCTION: map fid2a6
DEDUCTION (surface): map fid2a6a

You can also use this trick if you want to replay your favorite chapter.

Thanks for playing Field Intensity. If you find a bug or have some suggestion - don't be shy, write to the Hazard Team!


oh nice

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Wow, this is an impressive update

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it's very nice to see updated after release, you make cool thing more cool

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Lovely work on the patch. Go and play it people. You won't regret it. It's a masterpiece.

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Great stuff - Thumbs up!

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For whatever reason, whenever I load into the third map of Hostile Takeover, over half the textures turn into the purple/black checkered missing texture. It only happens when I cross the loading point, and even when I load a save on the previous map, they're still missing. How do I fix this?

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r_wadtextures 0

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That seemed to to the trick. Thanks! :)

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