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Half-Life: Field Intensity v1.2 is now available! In this update we focused on providing more visual and audial hints for the player to minimize an amount of moments when player does not understand what to do or where to go. We also fixed some bugs and revised some monster spawns (again).

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1. Voice acting update

The voice lines for Kevin were re-recorded. Thanks to Richter Overtime for giving a true American voice to the radioman! Also thanks to Ronald Hamrák for sound editing.

2. Level-design changes

fid1a2b0000 1

More visual and audial hints were added on maps to make some things more obvious. E.g. these beams were added as a reminder of the beams previously seen by a player to better present a connection between pulling the lever and turning off the electrical hazard in other part of the level.

3. HUD scale changes.

HUD scale now can be configured via Advanced settings menu. The hud_auto_scale cvar was removed. Now hud_scale 0 means autoscale.

4. Models changes

The characters Kevin and Greg got their own faces instead of standard Opposing Force soldiers faces. Thanks XF-Alien for editing the model.

5. Various fixes

  • Fixed a clipping issue in the chapter "On The Track". Reported by Wirmaple73.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed to skip a part of the level in the chapter "On The Track". Reported by bbenjoe.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed to escape the headcrab trap in the chapter "Weak Force". Reported by bbenjoe.
  • Fixed a bug with non-English texts not rendering properly on screen resolutions with width 1280 or lower.

6. A scientist in WEAK FORCE chapter

fid1a40001 1

This scientist can open one more room with supplies in the area.

7. A new Easter Egg in DEATHMATCH chapter


One of these lockers now can be opened. Can you guess which one and what it contains? Or find it out by playing the mod!

NOTE: save files from the previous versions won't be compatible with version 1.2 due to both code and map changes! If you've started playing the previous version already and want to continue playing on the new release without having to play the mod from scratch there's a solution.
Start the game on the preferred difficulty and then type the command (in console) to start a chapter you wish to continue from:

HAVE A NICE DAY: map fid1a0a // this can be used to skip an intro
HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENT (Gamma labs): map fid1a2b
ON THE TRACK: map fid1a3
WEAK FORCE: map fid1a4
RECOVERY: map fid2a1
THE VERGE: map fid2a3
F.U.B.A.R.: map fid2a4
DEATHMATCH: map fid2a5
DEATHMATCH (labs): map fid2a5a
DEDUCTION: map fid2a6
DEDUCTION (surface): map fid2a6a

You can also use this trick if you want to replay your favorite chapter.

Thanks for playing Field Intensity. We're going to focus on our other projects now, but we don't give up on supporting and improving this mod. More things are coming in future. If you find a bug or have some suggestion - don't be shy, write to the Hazard Team!

Mr.Maris - - 308 comments

Thanks for updating the mod, it gives me a reason to play the mod again!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
SweetRamona - - 5,114 comments

Same! This time I'm going to replay & finish it on hard. 😼

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
kimilil - - 45 comments

I don't see anything wrt info_node meshes. They're buggy in several maps, in that they don't connect properly so NPCs won't follow you if you lose line of sight. It should have been put higher on the to-do list.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
FreeSlave Author
FreeSlave - - 274 comments

Hi. If you report where exactly nodes are not connected, that would be helpful.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Guest - - 689,010 comments

noice but is it steam hl1 only?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Ga1axian - - 180 comments

"It can run on the WON version of Half-Life and on the Xash3D-FWGS engine, but we can't guarantee the stability."

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Super1Hawk - - 216 comments

Time to replay this awesome mod again!

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