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Delta City 2155, Devvblog with new Main Map and looking for a Coder.

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Hello you absolute Legends

Delta City 2155 almost went into Beta2 but managed to get over some serious problems, the main Map sadly went broken because if being to big and filled, so i had to recreate it

This is the new Main Map, Shops Ship Store, Force Field Bridges

Patrolling Soldiers + NPC Patrol on the bridges to make it more living

Cafe of the 80s


also i reworked the Apartment a bit and added a few minor Easter Eggs

This Screen took alot of time to implement and isnt HD because no sprite editor allowed for more then 256 colors

Delta City 2155 Trailer

Now we do have a few problems..

some weapons are unfunctional or broken, and some effects look dull

for a RPG to just have a Scrollwindow of weapons its unacceptable for me so i am looking for a Coder to change a few aspects of the game engine to my liking

[good paid]
[Looking to Hire]
Engine: Gold source

Skills Needed: @Programmer / Coder

we at Delta City are looking for a Coder for Goldsource with the following stats

- Highly Experienced in Goldsource and its Engine

- not Lazy

these are the following Jobs that need to be done:
- fix ghost problems
- fix various weapons
- code a inventory system
- a very few small things
- implement a augmentation system
- implement a armor system
- implement a stat info screen

pay? since christmas is just over i have a good bit of payment available probably 100-200$ depending on what can be done

please post in Here or pm me or discord Consuela#1581 for more infos on what needs to be done i have a precise list and im happy to communicate with you

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Really interesting.

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Nimostar - - 487 comments

Seems too ambitious for such an old and buggy engine

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mystery8 - - 286 comments

Looks good so far.

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kurzweil69 - - 22 comments


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