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This update only exists to give you some now open-sourced content of Half-Life: Absolute Zero's past.

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Hey!!! What are these shenanigans???

These are a bunch of old abandoned content from development past, including content we said was completely lost when we released the first AZ Prototype from 2010 (it was found after we released the prototype). Everything that isn't a build in this archive is free to use in your Half-Life or even beta related mod, as long as you credit the original authors.

What's the catch?

There is no catch. As long as you credit us, you can use it. These files provide no use to us now-a-days, they just sit around decaying on our development drives left to never see the light of day until we decide when we release them.

What's included?

There's 2 Absolute Zero builds: the Pre-Demo and the April 2016 build.

The Pre-Demo is what we shipped to play-testers and members of the team to understand if Absolute Zero would of been even remotely fun to the public and to be sure Absolute Zero wouldn't catch on fire when we released a demo. There's an entire month gap between the release of the actual demo and the pre-demo and there are various major differences between the two demos.

The April 2016 build was leaked to the general public during November 2016. The April build shows the darkest era of Absolute Zero's development in recent times, but not even because of the leak. Nothing was going right or to plans during this point of development. Things that worked once and were good enough for release were now destroyed and broken. I wasn't going to have something that had been in-development for years just suddenly get downgraded and be even more delayed. So, I had held a team meeting and announced that we needed to get our shit together and fix our mistakes and do heavy re-works to the mod. Obviously, things went to plan and we were able to finally reach a point that we could release a demo... granted that was a year after our initial announcement of a demo release.

The other content is old model, material, and map content. All free to use in your Half-Life or beta related mods as long you credit us.

Where can we get this juicy download?

Right here:

Half-Life: Absolute Zero - Absolutely Abandoned

Don't forget to check out the AZ Day One Demo:

Half-Life: Absolute Zero - Day One

and if for whatever reason you want to play the 2010/2011 build of Absolute Zero:

Half-Life E3 1998/1997 Release

It's not good at all

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